Adversity's harm to corn

Low temperature will affect the absorption of nutrient elements in the maize root system, especially the absorption of phosphorus will be hindered. A low temperature encountered during the reproductive growth period may cause the normal development of the flower organs of the corn, resulting in pollen abortion, and eventually affecting pollination and seed setting. Sustained low temperatures also cause the synthesis of enzymes in the corn to be blocked, affecting photosynthesis and respiration, and ultimately leading to a reduction in bioaccumulation.
In addition, a sudden and rapid cooling will cause corn to lose water and wilting, and eventually die. If water shortage occurs during the vegetative growth stage, it will cause corn seedlings lack of seedlings, lack of density, postponement of maturity, and reduction of yield. If water shortage occurs during the flower organ development period, the development of popcorn organs will be hindered and eventually lead to a reduction in production. The lack of water in the reproductive growth stage can lead to a serious reduction in corn production. Similarly, too high soil moisture and salt content are extremely detrimental to the growth and development of corn.

Horse Mackerel

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