Arch shed three years of melon spring watermelon + summer cucumber + autumn bitter gourd

In spring, watermelon and autumn gourd bitter gourd have been the main planting pattern of arched sheds in Heguan Town, Qingzhou City. However, there is a long empty period between these two streams. In recent years, the local vegetable farmers planted cucumbers in the summer, making full use of the time and space of arch sheds, and the benefits have been significantly improved. We will introduce this model to you today.

Spring Watermelon: Spring canopy can be planted Guanlong, Jingxin and other watermelons, choose to stay in the second melon, mu production capacity reached 5000-8000 kg, because 51 after the watermelon market is less, the price is better, mu income can be 8,000 yuan the above.

Management points: This watermelon is colonized earlier, so temperature management is very important. The suitable temperature for the growth and development of watermelon is 30-33°C. Strict control of temperature is the key to the success of watermelon cultivation in spring greenhouses. After 5-7 days of transplanting, the greenhouse door and vents should be opened as little as possible. Later, with the growth of watermelon seedlings, the resilience is enhanced, and the outside temperature gradually rises. In the sunny days, if the temperature in the shed exceeds 30°C, it must be ventilated and cooled.

Summer Cucumbers: In mid-May, watermelons were nursed before they were planted, and they were planted at the end of May and pulled in late August.

Management points: Summer temperatures are high, so it is necessary to promote control of cucumbers at this stage of management. Generally, according to the growing situation of cucumber, the plants with prosperous growth and leggy phenomenon should control the amount of nitrogen fertilizer, appropriately postpone irrigation and adopt measures of deep cultivating, control vegetative growth, and promote early flowering and early fruiting. For thin, dwarf cucumber seedlings, except for topdressing, water is sprayed once every seven days to adjust and promote growth.

When the cucumber enters the flowering stage, the nutrient grows vigorously. In order to reduce the nutrient consumption, the lateral buds under the main stem branch should be promptly removed, which can not only regulate the rational distribution of nutrition, improve the ventilation and light conditions of the group, but also promote early results and improve the early stage. Yield.

Autumn Bitter Gourd: Bitter gourd is sown in the nutrition bowl in late July. After the cucumber is pulled out of the garden, it will be planted in late August and will be pulled out in late November.

Management points: After transplanting and easing seedlings, when guaguan vines start crawling, they should be racked up in time to use "human" trusses. And bitter gourd branching ability, if too many collaterals, it will consume a lot of nutrients, hinder the normal growth of bitter gourd master. Therefore, the plant adjustment can concentrate nutrition to promote the growth of the main vine, which is beneficial to the flowering results. The specific approach is: in the early stage of planting vines, the main vines will be artificially tied vines, to introduce vines on the shelves, the main vines below 50cm of all lateral branches removed, more than 50 cm to leave 5-10 robust vines as a guaranty, and the rest After the removal of all the vines, each cranberry leaves 2-3 tranches of vines. When the main vine grows to 1-1.3 meters, it should remove the tendrils and some male flowers when it is topping and snoring. The luxuriant leaves of the bitter gourd grow late, and the results are numerous. Generally no longer fight, only pay attention to the removal of too close and weak side branches and yellow leaves of the old leaves, is conducive to air and light transmission, delay the harvest period.

In general, the spring mussel watermelon mu income is about 7,000 yuan, summer cucumber is about 4500 yuan, autumn bitter gourd income is almost 6500 yuan. The total annual income is about 18,000 yuan, and the overall benefit is very good.

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