Banana fertilizer water management and pest control

First, fertilizer and water management.

1, seedling period. Banana seedlings, especially tissue culture seedlings, seedlings need fertilizer and heavy fertilizer. Within three months after planting, the principle of "diligent application" was adopted. 10 days after planting, the new leaf was started to be fertilized, and 0.1%-0.2% of the compound fertilizer water or lighter decomposed manure water was used to carry the banana head, 1 kg-2 kg per plant, once every 5 days. The concentration of 3 months after planting and the amount of liquid fertilizer can be slightly increased, and a small amount of urea and potassium fertilizer is added, and the solution is applied once every 10-15 days.

2, the medium term. When growing to 18-30 leaves, the amount of fertilizer needed increases. However, if too much fertilization is done once, the roots will be damaged. It should be applied once every 10 days. Each plant can be used per kg of bran fertilizer 0.5 kg -1 kg (or multiple compound fertilizer 0.3-0.6 kg), potassium chloride 0.1 kg -0.2 kg, urea 50-100 grams. In the rainy days, shallow shallow ditch along the banana dripping line is applied. In dry weather, water is poured between 30 kg and 40 kg along the dripping line, and the soil is covered immediately after application. If it is found that the growth of bananas is not prosperous, you can spray the foliar fertilizer containing organic matter, such as Gaim harvest regulator 1-2 times, in order to promote growth.

3, buds (31-44 leaves). Bananas need the most fat, every 20-25 days,

Each plant applies 0.1 kg of urea, 0.2 kg of potassium chloride, and 0.5 kg to 1 kg of peanut bran (or 0.5 kg of multiple compound fertilizer). After the rain, it is applied after irrigation and the soil is kept moist.

4, after budding. After planting buds, each compound fertilizer can be used for 0.1 yuan to 0.2 kg of compound fertilizer, 0.2 kg to 0.3 kg of bran fertilizer, and 0.1 kg of potassium fertilizer. Before bagging, it can be sprayed 2-3 times (every 5 days) with Gaim harvest (or organic foliar fertilizer, etc.) 1000 times. It will not only make the fruit plump and bright, but also improve the resistance to cold and disease. ability. However, avoid excessive spraying hormone leaf fertilizer, so as not to affect the quality and reduce the ability of cold resistance.

Second, disease prevention and control.

1, beam top disease and mosaic heart rot. All caused by the virus, no cure. Locusts are the main media for infection and should be controlled in time. Adding plant growth regulators to the insecticide solution is effective.

2, leaf spot, leaf blast, scab, anthrax. Banana leaf spot disease is the most important disease, so it is mainly to control leaf spot disease and prevent other diseases. The best medicines for preventing and controlling leaf spot disease are: enemy strength, Shengfeng Feng fungicide No. 1, and mancozeb and carbendazim also have better control effect. In the seedling stage, during the late period of vegetative growth, in the period of cultivating buds, during the budding stage or in the early stage of the disease, Sheng Zhifeng fungicide is sprayed 2-3 times for 1000 times to control leaf spot disease and treat other diseases. The cost of medicine is low. Before and after the buds have heavy leaf spots or high temperature and rainy weather, they should be rotated and used to control the enemy force and Shengfeng Feng fungicide (1 time every 10 days).

Third, pest control.

1, banana weevil (pseudo-stem weevils). April-May and September-October are peak periods. Effective drugs: Methamidophos, Bataan, Insects and Cockroaches, Beinong Aifuoding No. 1 (amount according to instructions). At the peak of the evening, the above drugs were applied along the false stem from top to bottom.

2, locusts (banana cross veins). The drought season April-May and September-November are dangerous periods. The locust is the propagation medium of the beam tip disease and the mosaic heart rot. Attention should be paid to inspection. Effective drugs: Dai Li Ke, Bei Nong Fu Fu Xi No. 3, Ke Xing Xing, once again net. The focus of sneezing worms is more concentrated on the sucker and the big plants are at the head.

3, banana leaf leaf insects. High-efficiency drugs are No. 3 Ainfuding, Beinong, which can also be sprayed with trichlorfon.

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