Bitter gourd with water fertilization method is not desirable

The commonly used topdressing method for bitter melon growers is to flush with water, which is very convenient and can evenly apply the fertilizer to the soil. However, I believe that bitter gourd is not suitable for top dressing in this way. The reason is that the number of plants in the bitter gourd species is less, only 200 to 300 plants per acre, and only 3 to 6 plants per row. If the fertilizer is applied along with water, the fertilizer utilization rate will be very low and the waste will be serious. Therefore, the author reminded the vegetable farmers that bitter gourd dressing should be replaced with concentrated fertilization, such as digging a ring ditch, etc., which can greatly improve the utilization of fertilizer.

The specific method: dig a ring groove 20 centimeters inside the bitter gourd plant, ditch depth 5 cm, and then apply 50 grams of compound fertilizer or 80 grams of biological fertilizer per ditch, with water after buried ditch. It is also possible to dig a half-metre-long strip of furrows 20 centimeters from the inside of the bitter gourd plant, applying the above-mentioned amount of fertilizer to each furrow. The effect is also good. It should be noted that after each bitter gourd dressing, it must be watered in a timely manner so that the absorption effect is good.

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