Breeding female donkey breeding knowledge

First, when the appropriate age of the donkey is appropriate?

When the female donkey grows and matures, it has the appearance characteristics of female animals. The body weight of the female donkey is generally about 70% of its adult body weight. The initial mating age of the female donkey is generally 2.5-3 years old. When the male donkey is 4 years old, it can be used for official breeding.

Second, how to control the female estrus?

Donkeys are seasonal estrus animals. Estrus begins in March and April. It is the peak season for estrus in April and June. In July and August, the summer heat is weakened, the estrus period is longer, and it stops until the autumn season. . It is also possible to use an artificial induction method, that is, to use the exogenous hormone (such as gonadotropin) or other substances or environmental conditions to stimulate the estrus of the female donkey in the estrous period of the female donkey. Under normal circumstances, the female donkey can be injected with gonadotropin or human chorionic gonadotropin prostaglandin to control the estrus of the female donkey.

Third, when is the meat donkey suitable breeding time?

The ovulation time of the female donkey is generally 3-5 days after the beginning of oestrus, that is, 1 day before oestrus. For this reason, the breeding time should be within 1-5 days of the duration of estrus, with a high fertility rate.

Fourth, how to know the female ass estrus?

The main use of external observation method: the female donkey looked uneasy, reduced appetite, labia swell, wrinkles disappeared, the labia subsided slightly open. When you see the donkey, you can lick and sip your lips, sip your legs, and sneeze. When the female donkey is raised, tilting the upper lip, licking behind both ears, head and neck reach out, flow out of the mouth, mouth open, and the male donkey is actively approached, when the vulva is swollen or when mucus outflows, it is the best time to breed or inseminate.

How do you know that the donkey is pregnant?

After estrus, there is no longer heat, appetite is enhanced, the coat is moist, the action is slow, the temperament is mild, the vagina is blocked by secretions, and the mucous membrane is pale and dull. Initial judgment can be made. When the female donkey became pregnant for 5 months, the abdomen increased to the left and fetal movement was seen after 6 months.

6. What are the performances of the female donkey in labor?

Walk around, circulate, breathe faster, look back at the abdomen, lie up from time to time, run ahead, do not eat. The nipples swell, the genitals are flushed, swollen, and a small amount of mucus flows out.

Seven, how to care for the mother donkey?

The genital area and the rear drive of the female donkey are cleaned, and 2% is used to disinfect; the valerian is to be replaced frequently and the trampoline is properly cleaned; within a few days after the birth, the female donkey should be given a small amount of high-quality, easily digestible feed. One week later, it was gradually transferred to normal feeding.


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