Breeding management of mink winter hair growth period

Breeding otters, do a good job in feeding and management of otters and winter hair growth period is particularly important, now the following experience will be introduced to readers for reference.

Entering September each year, the weather begins to turn cold, and all preparation work for the mink molting period should be done: first, the cages of the leeches should be overhauled, and the damage to the cells should not be prevented by cold insulation.

Then shelter around the shed, especially the north side of the shed, to prevent the invasion of the northwest wind and heavy snow. Mink hairs and winter wools require large amounts of nutrients.

During the period of feeding standards, animal feed must reach 70% or more, ie fresh eggs or poultry meat 40%, fresh small fish or high quality imported fish meal 15%, grain flour 15%, fresh cattle, sheep milk 10%, Rabbit, chicken skeleton 10%, 10% of livestock and poultry blood.

In addition, 5 ml of vegetable oil was added to each loquat before feeding to enhance fleece flexibility and luster. During this period, rabbits and chicken skeletons were increased, because rabbits and chicken skeletons contain a large amount of phosphorus-calcium substances and trace elements, which can effectively prevent the "hair-feeding disorder" of leeches in this period.

The finer the hinge of the beverage is, the better the hinge is. Livestock and poultry blood contains a variety of amino acids, can accelerate the growth of mink winter hair, improve the quality of mink fur.

Livestock and poultry blood processing method is very simple, is to put the blood of livestock and poultry in the pot, put the appropriate amount of water, add fire to boil, made of blood tofu, and then use the meat grinder hinged and mixed in the feed can be fed.

After mid-October, it is necessary to add paddy grass to the water pods in a timely manner. This will not only reduce the calorie consumption of the leeches, but also save feed and prevent colds. It can also play a role in combing and speeding down the velvet.

Pay attention to the water through the carding through the plush, during this period due to a large number of mink plush off, combined with some feed when the blisters on feeding, it is easy to cause water blisters tangled, if not combed through, it will affect the quality of blisters.

Therefore, it is necessary to grasp the plush of the blister card in mid-October, and the needle hair that is combed out too late will not come up. Therefore, the work of combing the plush must be carried out in a timely manner. Combing through the plush method: 1 person holds the blister, and 1 combs with a fine comb. When combing out, be careful to comb one by one regardless of whether the blisters are entangled or not.

Because combing can stimulate the rapid growth of mink plush. After the napped velvet is brushed off, the shed hair is reduced and no tangles will occur again.

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