Bull chestnut cultivation techniques

Cultivation Techniques
1. The site preparation site can use free plots, fertile barren hills, ditch, land borders, village borders, front and rear houses are all cultivated. After the autumn, the land is sown. Before sowing, 37,600 to 6,000 kilograms of manure is applied per hectare, and 6% of 666 powder is 22.5 to 30 kilograms.
2. Propagation methods Seed propagation, seed germination rate of 70% to 80%, temperature at 20°C, emergence 10 days after sowing. 15 ~ 18 °C half moon emergence, sowing before and after the valley rain, live-based, sub-broadcasting and sowing, individual transplanting seedlings, to dry before sowing water, until water infiltration by row spacing 60 ~ 80 cm, 50 ~ 60 Centimeter open hole, hole depth 6 ~ 10 cm, sowing 7 to 8 per hole, cover soil 3 cm, sowing rate per hectare 22.5 ~ 30 kg. Some places took autumn sowing. Before and after October, the method was broadcast in the same spring.

Disposable Standard Surgical Gown

CE Certified Disposable Standard Surgical Gown:

Surgical gown standard is made from high quality sms material. It is breathable, water resistant, and anti-static.
Color: Blue
Size: L/XL or custmozied
Weight: 41gsm
Fabric Type: SMS
Samples Free samples for 3-5 working days
Features Long sleeve, Round neck(Velcro), Rib cuff, double waist tie, Ultrasonic seam
Application Used to prevent infection between patients and medical staff during procedures and other traumatic examinations

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