Canned crab meat processing

Crab is a treasure in aquatic products. Its nutritious, delicious taste is well received by consumers. However, in recent years, with the expansion of the scale of cultivation and the increase of production, the price of crabs has plummeted (about 50 grams is only 20-24 yuan.) / kg), the income of farmers is low. The development of canned crabs solved the difficult problem of selling small-sized crabs and selling them at a low price, thus eliminating the worries of farmers. Now its processing technology is introduced as follows:

First, the process

Acceptance of Raw Materials → Raw Material Processing → Cooking → Picking Meat → Picking → Rinsing → Canning → Sealing → Sterilization → Insulation Test → Packaging → Finished Product

Second, the operating point

1. Acceptance of raw materials: 1 Select live crabs, with good freshness and fatness. The color of the crab is normal, the color of the ventral carapace and the central sulcus is white and shiny, there is no stomach print on the umbilicus, and the inner wall of the crab is white. 2 diseased crabs should be removed, and the use of stale raw materials is strictly prohibited.

2. Cleaning: 1 Rinse the crab body with clean water and scrub it with a brush. Wash the sediment and various contaminants caused during fishing and transportation. These are easily attached to bacteria. 2 Keep flowing water while washing.

3, cooking: 1 available steam steam or boiled. When using boiled water, keep a certain amount of water to prevent the water from evaporating too much, causing a scorch phenomenon. 2 stir cook for 20 minutes, until the crab shell turns yellow, crab protein coagulation, can separate the meat and shell pan. 3 After the pan is cooled naturally, the dehydration rate is kept at about 35%.

4, take the meat: 1 go to the crab shell cover, with a stainless steel knife to impetuous, mouth umbilical and so on. 2 Rinse with water, wash the viscera, cut the crab body half, go to the inner shell, remove the body meat and shoulder meat, and finally remove the flesh. 3 When taking meat, try to keep the integrity of the crab meat and remove the muscle inner membrane.

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