Corn Membrane Seeding Technology Promoted in Shanxi

After nearly five years of painstaking research, the Institute of Cultivation Physiology of the Corn Research Institute of the Shanxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences has integrated the “Integration Technology of Corn Membrane Side Seeding Machine” (hereinafter referred to as “membrane side seeding”). A few days ago, the "membrane side sowing" on-site observation meeting was held in Sanjiao Village, Cangzhou City, Shanxi Province.

Drought is the main factor affecting maize yield in Shanxi Province. As an effective drought-resistance measure, plastic film mulching has been widely promoted in corn production in Shanxi Province.

However, in the area where the annual effective accumulated temperature in Shanxi Province is higher than 2700 °C, the film mulching has caused problems such as premature aging of corn, serious pollution of plastic film, and farmers' reluctance to invest in planting, which makes it difficult to increase corn yield.

It is understood that the traditional film mulching is mainly used to spread corn on the membrane after grooving and laminating. This technology has little problem in the cold area. However, in the promotion of high accumulation temperature areas, it is necessary to work and put seedlings to prevent premature aging.

“The local farmers are planting corn. The most troublesome thing is that after the mulching film is covered, the seedlings are put into operation. When the seedlings are released, they are not willing to do high yields.” Zhang Middle East, deputy director of the Corn Research Institute of Shanxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences, who is in charge of the research project. Deep experience.

Changing the seed on the membrane to the two sides of the membrane is the biggest difference between this technique and the traditional membrane covering corn. It takes the arched small ridges through the film and collects the rainwater to the seedling belt to ensure that the corn can withstand the drought in the early stage of growth. The other innovations of the technology are: filming, sowing, and suppression are completed in one time; no punching, no seedlings, no ditching, easy operation; strong moisture tolerance, good weeding effect, and significant yield increase; the film is easy to recycle.

At the scene of the observation meeting, Xue Jiquan, a professor of the national corn industry technology system and a professor at Northwest A&F University, commented: “The technology of membrane side seeding has been improved. First, the ridges have been flattened to solve the problem of residual film recycling; It has added a repressive function on the sowing belt, and the emergence effect is very good."

Whether a technology is good or not, can it stand up, can it be pushed open, and farmers who are accustomed to "blowing to see the rice" have the most say.

"The drought last year was severe. The rate of seed emergence and uniformity of corn planted on the membrane side was better than that of ordinary corn. The yield per mu reached 782 kg, which was more than 300 kg more than that of ordinary dry corn." Zhang Baolin, a large corn grower in Sanjiao Village, said.

The results of demonstration production indicate that the membrane side seeding is 75 kg more than the open field cultivation, and the increase of corn film (25 yuan/mu) and sowing (20 yuan/mu) increases the income per mu. 75 yuan. Moreover, the newly developed membrane side seeder has a seeding speed of about 8 mu per hour, which is 2 to 3 times faster than the film laying machine currently used in production.

"Now the corn is planted, the density is increased, the degree of mechanization is increased, and the species is not good, so there is no high yield." Wang Hao, a professor of the national corn industry technology system and a professor at the China Agricultural University, believes that the membrane side seeding realizes the integration of art machines. It provides new technical support for improving the yield of corn in dry land.

Wang Xiangyang, deputy director of the planting department of the Shanxi Provincial Department of Agriculture, believes that the area of ​​corn covered by plastic film mulching in Shanxi Province has reached more than 6 million mu, and the prospect of planting the membrane side is broad and significant.

"At present, this technology has the conditions for large-scale reproduction and promotion in production. This year we set up 30 promotion points in Shanxi Province, so that the technology can be continuously improved in the promotion and application, so that more farmers can benefit from it." Said the Middle East.

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