Current crab cultivation requires good water quality

August is a period of high incidence of aquaculture species disease and anoxic pan-infestation. For crabs, it is a relatively long-lived summer, so water quality management and disease prevention are key.

1. Feed feeding: Summer temperatures are high, and feed should be moderately controlled. The crabs are fed with vegetable feed (corn, wheat, soybeans, etc.) or pellets with a protein content of 25% to 28% in early August. In mid-August, grain feeds with a protein content of 36% and a gradual transition to more than 38% were started, and a small amount of mixed fish and snail meat can also be used. When the water temperature is stable below 28°C (about the end of August), wild fish, snail meat, etc. are used as the main feed to ensure that the animal feed before the last shelling maximizes the functions that contribute to the growth.

2. Water quality regulation: According to the weather and water quality, use quicklime regularly, if necessary, cross-bleach or chlorine dioxide. For ponds with better water sources, fresh water can be discharged every day or every other day, and good biological agents such as EM and Bacillus subtilis can be used. Use sufficient oxygen and use aerator to keep the body of water with high dissolved oxygen. When it is turned on for 3 hours at noon on sunny days, fresh water can be injected into the water safely. Otherwise, the water pump should play “backwater” in the crab pond. In the crab pool, if the bottom of the pipeline is installed with aerated oxygen enrichment equipment, the facilities should be fully activated. Normally, it should be turned on for 2 to 3 hours every day from 13:00 to 16:00, and turned on for more than 6 hours from 23:00 to 24:00, when the weather is not normal. Should extend the boot time. Swelling days, rainy days need to advance mechanical oxygen in the early morning, and appropriate to extend the oxygen time of the boot, in serious cases, at night should Quanchiposa "granular oxygen."

3. Management of aquatic plants: The plants in the river crab pool are dense and the coverage rate is more than 80%. The artificial sparse part of the water to form a space for the flow of water and growth space for aquatic plants can effectively improve the water quality. If the water grass coverage is less than 50% to 60%, measures must be taken to supplement the water peanuts and green grass.

4. Disease prevention and control: In the summer, a safer Chinese herbal disinfectant or compound quaternary ammonium iodine can be used, and detoxification of Baoganing, polysaccharide yeast, and multi-vitamin C and E can be taken internally to enhance resistance. When using topical drugs, be sure to pay attention to oxygenation.

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