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In the summer, when the darkness has not yet fully landed, the streets of the stalls have long been decorated with lights, and are packed. Snails, loach, squid, bullfrogs, crayfish and other aquatic products, soybeans, peanuts and other snacks, and then a few bottles of iced beer, which is a summer heat in many food choices. However, these street food stalls hide many health risks.

Experts interviewed:

Feng Manling Director of Clinical Laboratory, Institute of Tropical Medicine, Beijing Friendship Hospital

Yu Shuqing Director, Nutrition and Dietary Department, Beijing You'an Hospital

Song Xin Senior Nutritionist, Beijing Chaoyang Hospital

Unripe parasite invasion of aquatic products

Snail, loach, crawfish and other aquatic products are the main foods of many night market stalls. The store has a very spicy, red, delicious and delicious food.

Feng Manling told reporters that there are many parasites in the snails. People eat raw or half-spined, susceptible to tuberculosis. Angiostrongylus can walk in the human body and drill into the brain. The lesions are concentrated in the brain tissue. The light suffers from headaches, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting. Severe cases can cause shock, mania, and even death.

Loachworms and squid have nematodes in their bodies and are susceptible to infection if not cooked. The nematode travels in the skin and a rash of erythema appears on the skin. Once the body enters the stomach wall, bile duct or other internal organs, it may be life-threatening. Some shopkeepers do not heat up when making bullfrogs. The larvae of the mandarin's split-head locust invade the human body through the skin or digestive tract. If it invades the eye, it may cause swelling of the eyelid, photophobia, vision loss, or even blindness; violation of the central nervous system Can cause headaches, epilepsy, etc.

According to Feng Manling, among the outpatient clinics, paragonimiasis patients are most often encountered in the summer, mainly because they eat half-baked river crabs and crayfish. Paragonimiasis manifests itself as cough, chest pain, blood stasis, and difficulty in breathing; if the violation of the spinal cord can cause paraplegia; entering the pericardium can lead to pericarditis; into the human brain, there will be epilepsy, headache, aphasia, hemianopia and other neurological symptoms.

In some places, it is popular to eat drunk crabs or eat salted crabs. Feng Manling said that the larvae parasitizing in the crabs heat to 55°C and take 30 minutes to die; at 70°C, it takes more than 10 minutes to die; if soaked in 10% saline, there are still 40% after 72 hours. ~50% of larvae survive.

Feng Manling reminded that when eating these above-mentioned aquatic products, it must be cooked at high temperature and thoroughly cooked.

Beer, barbecue + seafood gout

In the food stalls, a few bottles of cold beer, plus a few dishes of cold dishes, became the enjoyment of most people. Yu Shuqing said that beer with too low a temperature not only affects the taste, but also causes the protein in the wine to decompose and release, and the nutrients are destroyed. More importantly, too low a wine temperature will lead to a rapid drop in the temperature of the gastrointestinal tract, reduced blood flow, affect the digestive function, and when severe, can induce acute pancreatitis. Yu Shuqing suggested that beer temperature should be controlled at 5~10°C.

Yu Shuqing said that barbecue and seafood must not be consumed with beer, which is the root cause of gout. Most barbecue foods are seafood, animal organs and meat. Like beer, they belong to the same high-purine food, and abnormal purine metabolism is an important factor in the induction of gout. In addition, carcinogens such as benzopyrene are produced during the barbecue process. The drinking will dilate the blood vessels of the digestive tract and dissolve the mucus proteins on the mucosal surface of the digestive tract, making these carcinogens easily absorbed by the body and increasing the risk of cancer. Therefore, when drinking beer, you should try to avoid eating barbecue. If you really want to eat, you can eat fresh fruits and vegetables, kelp, seaweed, etc., to reduce side effects.

Peanuts, soybeans, and skewers

In the food stalls, peanuts, soybeans, and a few bottles of cold beer, I am afraid is a favorite combination of many men and friends.

The reason why many people are so collocated is that they have a high fat content and can be neutralized by "vegetarians" such as peanuts and edamame. However, Song Xin said that the fact is exactly the opposite, especially for the "three high" people, this match is wrong and wrong. This is because meat contains a lot of protein and fat. Peanuts and soybeans are no worse than meat. Peanuts have even higher fat content than some meats.

Therefore, if you eat 10 strings of barbecue, the calories are already higher than 5 bowls of rice, plus a plate of peanuts and a plate of soybeans, the heat will be greatly exceeded. However, if some of the barbecues are replaced with peanuts, it is a good choice to control the total calories, but also provide a large number of lipid-lowering unsaturated fatty acids.

After seeing three experts explain the analysis of the food stalls in the night market, the reporter believed that readers had a more scientific understanding of how to enjoy summer food. I wish you all safely and healthily through this summer heat.

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