Experts point out: Longhair rabbit breeding techniques

The 2071 rough hairy new breed of rabbits of Chinese Longhair Rabbit was cultivated by the author for nearly 50 years and passed the expert appraisal of the Shanghai Animal Husbandry Organization.

China Longhair Rabbit 2071 New Line Breeding Rabbit, with large size, high wool yield, excellent hair quality, wide adaptability, strong disease resistance, good resistance to coarse shape, stable genetic properties, etc., in the national cities and counties In the rabbit meeting, the amount of wool produced has repeatedly set a world record, and the main experiences and experiences are described below.

I. Cultivating high-yielding, good breed rabbits is the key to science raising rabbits

The purpose of raising long-haired rabbits is to produce wool. Under the same feeding and management conditions, long hairs, high wool production, and good hair quality can achieve good economic benefits.

Specific methods: Under the same feeding conditions, select rabbits with strong constitution, full coat, rich hair, strong disease resistance, long hair, good hair quality, and stable genetic properties. High-yielding seedlings were tested and the best individuals were selected for breeding. In this way, we constantly updated to achieve a high yield of rabbit breeds. The average annual gross output of the group is only about 1,500 to 2,000 grams, and the economic income is only average. The net annual output value is stable at about 70 to 80 yuan. When the good price is over a hundred dollars.

Second, to have a living environment suitable for long-haired rabbit habits

The key is to design and build a rabbit house for rabbits. To build a good living environment for long-haired rabbits. Long-haired rabbits have fears of panic, cold-tolerant heat, tiredness, and hi dryness. The rabbit house must be set in a sunny place, cool in winter, cool in summer, well lit, well ventilated, fresh air, dry and quiet. If long-haired rabbits are kept in humid and noisy places for a long period of time, long-term living in panic, and the rabbit cage is too small, it will limit the amount of rabbit exercise, so that the appetite of rabbits will be poor, feed intake will be reduced, and nutrient intake will be insufficient. Affects growth and development, leading to deterioration of quality, deterioration of wool quality, and reduction of wool production. The cage size is set to 65 cm 70 cm.

In practice, the environmental factors such as rabbit cages and rabbit cages are closely related to the growth and development of long-haired rabbits, the level of wool production, and the quality of hair quality. The current response to the severe degeneration of West German long-haired rabbits may be related to the size of rabbit cages, poor feed quality, and low protein content.

Third, scientifically raising feeding management is the key to rabbit production

1. Strictly do a good job in breeding and matching:

(1) choose to keep good rabbits; adopt a one-time method, that is, when cutting two knife hair, select the best yield, the best hair quality, hair density body plump, uniform distribution of 1 to 2 only for species use, the rest Into the production of hair as commercial rabbits. For the selected species, full-price nutritional feed must be fed and kept stable for a long period of time to ensure good traits in breeding rabbits.

(2) When mating, strictly control the quality of good rabbits: The requirements for mating rabbits are particularly stringent, and long-term adherence to six unworthy: 1 male and female rabbits do not match the breeding age; 2 new breeds of rabbits do not know the amount of wool produced is not clear Breeding; 3 Defective and disease-free breeding; 4 Unclear ancestry, unmatched species (with species not retained); 5 Unmatched genetically unstable species (not reserved for rabbits); 6 Not eligible for directional breeding It is not suitable for breeding.

2, to do a good job in prevention of epidemics: 1 do a good disease-free prevention, in the spring, summer and autumn after each shearing, with the use of high-efficiency and low-toxic insect pest nemesis produced by North Agricultural University, also known as avermectin per rabbit 0.15 injection ~0.2 ml, effective against rabbit acarid caries, is convenient, labor-saving, and inexpensive (only about 6 cents per rabbit). The advantage of this is that it can effectively prevent the occurrence of rabbit skin diseases and foot, deafness, parasites in the body, and increase the yield and quality of the rabbits. Immunoprophylaxis such as bacillus. After 40-45 days after birth, the rabbits were first injected with 2 rabbits and 2 ml per rabbit. After 60-65 days, they were boosted once. Each rabbit was injected with the same vaccine 2 ml, and every 4 months thereafter. Immunize once to ensure safe rabbit breeding.

3. Doing a good job in environmental sanitation: Do a good job in regular cleaning of rabbit houses and rabbit cages; make long-haired rabbits live in a clean, clean, quiet and hygienic environment and reduce the occurrence of diseases.

4, a reasonable mix of green feed: fine material is best to choose the full price of nutritious grain feed, its benefits are: 1 pellet feed in the processing process, after high temperature sterilization, feed clean, less bacteria, is conducive to the health of rabbits; 2 palatability Good sex, long-haired rabbits like to eat, can avoid picky eaters, reduce feed wastage; 3 feeding is convenient, time-saving, high work efficiency; 4 grain feed formula science, can make rabbits get a comprehensive and stable nutritional supply, is conducive to improve The quality and yield of rabbits. The long-haired rabbits are herbivores, and at least 200-300 grams of fresh grass or multi-feed must be fed every day to ensure that the rabbits are full and eat well.

5, do a good job in the management of male and female rabbits: 1 male rabbit to achieve only a strong sexual desire, can use; 2 production of female rabbits can only breed, maternal is better, strong milk, there are 4 pairs of nipples; The ratio of male and female rabbits is 1:5. 4 In order to increase the conception rate and increase the number of litters, the first time after the female rabbits are estrus (black hair in the vulva, the highest mating rate), the interval is 6-7 hours. Then use the same male rabbit once again, the conception rate is high, up to 70-80%, and the number of births is high. On December 10-20 this year, 9 females gave birth to at least 4 babies, with a maximum of 14 animals, with an average of 8.55 and most of them were mothers.

6, the management of a good pregnant female rabbits, nurturing fetal rabbits and puppies: Female rabbits will enter pregnancy after mating. After 15 days of pregnancy, female rabbits, at this time the fetal rabbit growth and development fast, large changes, hair follicles have begun to develop, this period until the time of delivery, in management, in addition to doing a good job of careful care, but also to fully feed The nutritional full-quantity concentrate and the appropriate amount of high-quality fresh green forage are used to satisfy the growth and development of the female rabbit itself and the fetal rabbit so as to ensure that the female rabbit is robust and the fetal rabbit has congenital nutrition. The maternal postpartum lactation force is strong, the growth and development of the pups is fast, and the survival rate is high, especially the secondary hair follicles in the skin can rapidly develop into hair fibers, and the hair quality is excellent.

7, insist on water: long hair rabbit blood circulation, nutrient absorption, waste excretion, must rely on water regulation to complete. Water in rabbits comes from three sources, of which artificial feeding is an important source. Therefore, insisting on watering plays a very important role in raising long-haired rabbits. Especially during the hot summer months, high temperatures make feeding water even more important. Many rabbit farmers are not used to feeding water to rabbits. This is also an important factor in raising rabbits.

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