Five measures for raising breeding boars efficiently

As the saying goes, “The sows are good and they have a good nest. The boars are good and they are good.” In the practice of producing perennial litters, if the breeding method is used for breeding, an adult boar can bear 30 years. - The mating task of 40 sows can reproduce 600-800 piglets within 1 year. If artificial insemination technology is used, an adult boar can bear more than 1,000 sows and can breed more than 20,000 piglets in one year. While an adult sow can have 20-30 piglets per year. It can be seen that the offspring that a boar breeds for 1 year is not a few nests or dozens of nests, but rather a large group. To raise good boars, increase breeding efficiency, and maximize the number of piglets to be bred, to increase the number of pigs and improve the quality of the herds, especially for lean boars. , has a very important significance.

First, choose a good variety of boar when the general appearance at about 4 months of age, this time should be selected in line with the requirements of this species, and the eye is big, strong physique, open front, full hind legs, limbs, strong, strong hoof quality, limb Normal, size of testicles on both sides, and individual male characteristics. In addition, it is necessary to introduce the pigs to the regular breeding pig farms and purchase the boars at the same time to ask the farmer to obtain the relevant certificates such as “Pig Breeding Certificate”, “Quarantine Certificate”, “Producing Boar Appearance Certificate” and the species boar pedigree card, etc. It is necessary to understand the situation of boar prevention. In order to reduce the stress of refueling, it is also advisable that the seller should be given a bit of boar feed for the purpose of feed transition.

Second, rational breeding must first meet the need for protein nutrition of boars. Especially in the season of high seasoning, we must add fishmeal, blood meal, bean cake and other protein feeds in the diet, and increase the feed amount of corn, dried potato and other fine materials. Vitamins A, D, and E are indispensable nutrients for boars, and vitamin A deficiency, in particular, results in keratinization of boar genital epithelial cells. Green feed and carrots, pumpkins, etc. are rich in vitamin A. In the diet, we must mix some green feed and tuber feed. In the absence of green feed, some carrots and barley malt can be added. Minerals (calcium, phosphorus, salt) also have a great influence on the semen quality of boars, especially calcium and phosphorus. If the boar lacks calcium, the gonads will undergo pathological changes. Infertility and inactive sperm will appear in the semen. Therefore, in the diet must also pay attention to add appropriate amount of bone meal, stone meal, shell powder, salt and other mineral feed to meet the breeding needs of breeding boars.

Third, scientific management should pay attention to the following: (1) exercise. The boars generally require exercise once in the morning and in the afternoon, each time is about 2 hours, and the mileage is generally about 4 kilometers. This will greatly benefit breeding boars. (2) The boar skin is kept clean, and the pig body can be brushed or massaged with a hard brush or a straw every day. In doing so, one can remove the dirt from the body of the pig; the second is to promote blood circulation, enhance physical fitness and disease resistance. (3) The life schedule of the boar must have regularity. For example, the number of feedings and drinkings per day, the time and methods of exercise and brushing cannot be changed easily, so as not to disrupt the conditioned reflex characteristics of the boar, but it is not good for breeding.

Fourth, the correct use of the quality of boar semen quality is not only related to feeding and management, but also determined whether the use of boars is appropriate and reasonable. In the frequent breeding period, male boars over 2 years of age cannot normally be more than twice a day. If necessary, they can also be planted 2-3 times a day. If you want to continue to breed more than 2 times a day, it is best every 4-6 hours, but also to rest for 1 day after every 6 days. Overweight breeding of boars can significantly reduce the quality of semen, thereby affecting the conception rate. However, recuperating without using it for a long period of time makes it rejuvenate, and often leads to a decrease in the sperm production capacity of the testes, or even deformity or death of sperm. Therefore, it is very important to use pigs rationally.

V. Doing a good job of epidemic prevention According to the local epidemic situation, we must conscientiously do a good job every year for routine immunization, and we must also regularly kill the boar's internal and external parasites.

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