Forsythia Flowers

Forsythia belongs to the genus Polygonaceae, which is aliased to Huang Shoudan, Huangmandan, and slow tape. The fruit is a garden-shaped pod, and sepals are present. Forsythia has been planted in various provinces in China. Judging from its Natural habits, sexuality is like sunshine, but it is also shade-tolerant. It can be planted under the shade or under the wall. Fear of blisters, cold, need more fertilizer, so it should use a deep, fertile soil; spring, autumn transplant, can be applied to manure or manure, the next year to bloom. Breeding is very easy, and sowing can be done in divided lines, but most of them are propagated with cuttings or layers. Beads are mostly carried out from September to October; cuttings are more convenient, and can be carried out after the spring of February-March. In November, old branches of 8 to 20 centimeters in length are cut, or short branches of cuttings are easily inserted. Rooting, survival of more than 90%; ramets, sowing and general flowering wood reproduction. The fruit of forsythia can be used as medicine and seed oil is an excellent raw material for making cosmetics.

Accelerate Freeze Dried Fig is made of selected ripe figs. The international advanced ultra-low temperature FD technology is adopted to sublime the water content of fruit, without changing the fruit color, shape and flavor. Retaining the original nutritional and medicinal components, without any additive, pigment, sweetener or preservative, it is the best-quality dried fruit. Accelerate Dried Fig won the Silver Medal at the [2017 China Characteristic Tourist Commodity Contest", as well as the [Gold Medal" of [Lishang Weihai" Most Characteristic Tourist Commodity.

Freeze Dried Fig



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