Freshwater fish drying technology

Freshwater fish generally contain high levels of protein and are susceptible to deterioration. Therefore, the sales of freshwater fish can also be processed for value-added by the following methods. Sales of dried fish:

(I) Marinated dried fish

It is used for fish such as cockroach and cockroach. When processing, it is used to remove fish guts and scales. Cut back from the back and cut off the fish head. Then take the appropriate amount of salt, soy sauce, wine, ginger, and mix evenly on the processed fish pieces, pickle it for 3-5 hours, and let it stand in the air for 2-3 days, and store it for 20-30 days. When cooking, cut into small pieces, fried or fried, crispy and delicious.

(b) Smoked fish

Choose fish such as cockroaches, cockroaches, cockroaches, cockroaches, etc., remove scales and viscera, marinate with appropriate amount of salt and wine, dry or air dry for a long time, and then dry it with a slight fire. Generally can be stored for about half a month. The cooking method is the same as above.

(c) Fish sauce

Remove the fish from the guts and remove the fish. After the appropriate amount of soy sauce, wine, and salt are mixed, apply a layer of soy sauce to the fish and store it in the sun for about 20 days. It can be steamed and fried.

(D) dried fish

The processing method is similar to pickled dried fish but without soy sauce. Sprinkle with a proper amount of salt, or soak with saline solution containing 4% salt for 5-6 hours, then dry and serve. It can be stored for more than two months.

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