Grafting propagation method of sweet-scented osmanthus

There are many methods for grafting sweet-scented osmanthus flowers, of which the connection method is a commonly used one. In China, potted osmanthus is widely used in connection method. Its advantages are: suitable for grafting for a long time, easy to survive, forming quickly, early flowering. The osmanthus fragrans technology is introduced as follows:

First, nurture rootstocks. The rootstocks used for grafting sweet-scented osmanthus are privet and fringed trees. Grafting rootstocks need to grow robustly, without pest damage, 2-3 year old tree seedlings with a thickness of 1 cm or 2-3 years old on perennial trees.

Second, choose scion. There are osmanthus osmanthus, silver Gui, Osmanthus fragrans, Sijigui and other varieties. First, the osmanthus species can be selected according to preferences and resource conditions, and then from the selected sweet-scented osmanthus trees, 2-3 year-old shoots that are robust, well-developed, free of pests, and of moderate size are selected as scions.

Third, grafting method.

(1) Close the scion to the rootstock. Can be used branch, pad, frame, hanging, tied and other methods, will be selected for the scion of osmanthus branches and rootstock branches along the way. Then specifically determine the appropriate grafting site for rootstock and scion, and do a good job of fixing the position.

(2) Cut the interface slant. The cut surfaces of the interface between the rootstock and the scion were determined respectively. The slope is elliptical and 3-5 cm in length. The depth of the slope is generally no more than half of the thickness of the branches.

(3) Anvil. After the grafting is completed, cut the rootstock branches 1 cm above the interface.

(4) In addition to Meng. After grafting, shoots should be removed in time if sprouts sprout below the rootstock interface. 31-35 days after grafting, cut the scion from the interface and allow it to break away from the mother.

(5) Check survival. After 3-5 days of scion cutting, the normal growth of the branches and leaves is alive; if the leaves appear wilting.

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