Herbicide herbicide selection techniques

First, cabbage, rape, radish, cabbage and leek cruciferous vegetable fields. Before sowing, spray with trifluralin, 37-80 g/mu, and mix with soil for sowing. After sowing can be used before the seedlings pure 100-130 g/mu, acetochlor 50-90 g/mu. After emergence in the weed 3-5 leaf stage, application of net catch, stable kill, grass grass grams, cover grass can spray on the stems and leaves, can control grass weeds.

Second, celery, parsley, carrots and other umbelliferous vegetable fields. Controlling the damage of weeds at the seedling stage is the key to chemical weeding in this kind of vegetable field. The main method is to use the trifluralin-purification agent (37-80g/mu) to spray the soil after spraying, and to control the annual grass weeds. Before sowing can be used before herbicide ether pure 200-250 grams / mu spray, or Shi Tianbu 125-150 g / mu pure spray, control broadleaf weeds and grass weeds. Carrot field before sowing can also be used before the seedlings 200-330 grams of pure ether / mu, legume 130-260 grams / mu. After the emergence of vegetables can be used to take net, stable kill, grass weed, gai grass energy.

3. Solanaceae vegetable fields such as peppers, tomatoes, eggplants, and potatoes. General eggplant, tomato, pepper can be used before the colonization of tetraflualine pure 40-60 grams / acre, dimethoamine 50-80 g / acre, Penicillin 50-60 g / acre spray mixed soil after colonization. After the planting, use a net to catch, steady kill, etc. for spraying. Before transplanting, potato can be used 200-300 g/mu of ProphylAcid. After planting soil, it should be planted. After transplanting, it should be filled with 125-150 g/mu of Shitian and 120-230 g/mu of cable. Paraquat pure drug 30-50 g/mu or glyphosate 60-100 g/mu can also be used before emergence to eliminate all weeds before emergence.

Fourth, onion, leeks and garlic and other Liliaceae vegetable fields. Before seeding or after sowing, Ligulong uses 60-130 g/mu, prometryn 60-130 g/mu, and ditergent 40-80 g/mu. After emergence, they can take nets, grasses, grasses, etc. When the old root leeks are harvested each time they are harvested and new leaves are grown, they can be treated with either darnet or glucosuron.

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