How can I eat oranges in the fall?

Autumn begins, and autumn begins. The orange season has come. Some people like it. Some people like oranges to be rich in vitamin C, and they eat more. Oranges are warm, but eating too much is easy to get angry, bringing with them a series of symptoms such as “mouth sores, dry throat pain, constipation”. Therefore, when eating oranges, you should pay attention to two points.

1, control the consumption

Eating 3 oranges a day can satisfy a person's daily need for vitamin C. If you eat too much, excessive intake of vitamin C, the body will increase the metabolism of oxalic acid, easily lead to urinary stones, kidney stones. Eat more harmful to the mouth and teeth.

In addition, oranges also contain a large amount of carotenoids. If the amount of carotenoids in the blood is too high in one overdose or in the recent continuous intake, the skin will yellow. At this time, in addition to drinking plenty of water and temporarily not eating orange fruits, it is also necessary to limit the intake of carotene-rich foods. After about one month or so, the skin color will return to normal.

2, should not eat before meals or fasting

Although the benefits of oranges are numerous, they should be eaten regularly and should not be eaten. Because the orange pulp contains a certain amount of organic acids, it is unfavorable to the stomach in order to avoid discomfort caused by stimulation of the gastric mucosa. It is recommended not to eat oranges on an empty stomach.

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