How to choose the agricultural machinery accessories to "all-in-one"

When purchasing agricultural machinery parts, if you want to choose and choose the right ones, you must achieve "all-in-one", and how can you achieve this goal? The following "Ten Looks" may help you:

1. See if the trademark logo is complete.

The package name and box should be marked with the product name, specification, model, quantity, registered trademark, factory name and telephone number. Some large or important parts are also equipped with instructions for use, certificate of conformity and seal of inspector when they are shipped. They should be recognized when purchasing, so as to avoid the purchase of counterfeit and shoddy products.

2, see if the specification model is suitable

When purchasing agricultural machinery parts, first find out what type of machine parts are, and then ask if they are the specifications you need. For example, when purchasing electrical parts, check whether the voltage and power of the replaced parts are consistent. When purchasing the transmission belt, pay attention to whether the model and the circumference are consistent. When purchasing the fuel injection head, pay attention to the nozzle diameter and the atomization cone angle. Whether it is accurate; when purchasing pistons and piston rings, it should be distinguished whether it is a standard size or an enlarged size.

3, see if the joint is flat

For joints, especially those with sudden changes in diameter or welds with welds, see if there are burrs, defects or cracks in the joint.

4, see if the surface of the part is rusted

Metal parts look at the surface with or without rust spots, rubber and plastic parts to see if there is obvious aging, cracking, loss of elasticity, shaft parts see the surface of the journal with no obvious turning lines, etc., if any should be exchanged.

5, see if the protective surface is intact

The piston pin and the bearing bush should be protected by paraffin. The piston ring and the surface of the cylinder sleeve are coated with anti-rust oil and wrapped with wrapping paper. The plunger pair, the outlet valve pair, the needle valve pair, the valve, the piston, etc. are immersed in anti-rust oil and pressed with plastic sleeve. Sealed.

6, see if the joints are loose

Parts consisting of multiple parts are not allowed to loosen the coupling parts, such as oil pump plunger and adjusting arm, clutch driven hub and steel plate, friction plate and steel sheet, etc. If loose, it will affect the normal operation of the part, Exchanged.

7, see if the surface hardness is up to standard

The surface hardness of the fittings is subject to the specified requirements. After confirming the purchase and negotiating with the merchant, the steel saw blade can be used for the test. If the slip is smooth without traces, the hardness of the scratches is higher after the stroke. The apparent marks have a low hardness.

8, see if the rotating parts are flexible

When purchasing the oil pump hydraulic pump assembly, turn the pump shaft by hand, feel flexible and no stuck; the fuel injection pump assembly, when the adjustment arm is toggled, the plunger should be able to flexibly rotate in the plunger sleeve, pushing the roller When the plunger should be able to automatically return to the position under the action of the spring.

9, see if the assembly parts are missing parts

The injector assembly should be inspected for small parts such as small steel balls in the tappet of the oil return joint seal steel pad. For the fuel injection pump assembly, check the plunger positioning screw seal roller body positioning pin and so on.

10, see if the surface is worn or not

If the surface of the mating surface has signs of wear, or if the painted part is painted with the surface layer and the old paint is found, it is mostly used. (language style)

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