How to choose to use and develop stuffing wok

The filling wok is made of heat-conducting oil and electricity is used as heating energy. The bottom of the machine, the pot is divided into three layers of structure, hanging bottom mixing system. Heating and stirring evenly, adjustable speed, automatic discharging, discharging method is automatic hydraulic tilting and discharging, hydraulic system has the advantages of long service life/equipment stability, and the hydraulic tilting is more inclined when the pot body is inclined and discharged compared with the general worm gear. Stable, the pot will not shake when the food is fried. Meet the green environmental standards. So how do you buy and use the stuffing wok?

First, buy stuffing wok should pay attention to quality. The main quality problems in the current stuffing wok products are high failure rate, poor reliability, and low service life of parts. Therefore, when purchasing a stuffing wok, it is best to choose a food machinery backbone with stable product quality and good after-sales service. Corporate and branded products.

Second, the use of stuffing wok should pay attention to product adaptation range and operational safety. Each stuffing wok product has a certain scope of application, generally specified in the product manual. Users should be careful not to overload or speed when using, so as not to affect the life of the machine and cause accidents. The safety warning signs on the machine and the safety items in the instruction manual must be strictly observed to ensure safe operation.

Third, the development of stuffing wok products to improve the scientific and technological content of products. Production enterprises should pay attention to understanding and mastering the development trends and market information of domestic products, and strive to improve the scientific and technological content of products and avoid detours in technical solutions. At the same time, in product development and production, we must pay attention to the combination of advanced food technology and food restructuring.

Raw material and processing method of mixed boiled vegetable is same as single boiled vegetables, We matching the content according to the consumer habits and name of dishes, and make a variety of vegetables mixed together to meet consumer demand on the compatibility of a variety of vegetables.

Jinpin include dishes compliance with the Japanese customs, Jinping (burdock burdock mixed with carrot silk), Chikuzen Ni (burdock block, carrot pieces, bamboo block, konjak block, lotus root block), dolphin juice (five kinds of compatibility), mountain vegetable mixed, mixed mushroom and so on.zhuqianzhu

Specifications and packaging specifications is same as single Boiled Vegetables.

Mixed with Boiled Vegetables

Mixed with Boiled Vegetables, Pasteurization Canned Vegetables, Compound Plastic Bag Packaging Vegetable

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