How to control the rice live Tian Qian gold

First, use "enclose, kill" twice weeding method. For the first time in rice germination sowing 1-4 days, the main attack Qianjin, yucacao and other weeds, using 30% suffolet emulsifiable concentrate 100-120 ml per acre plus 10% chlorsulfuron powder 15-20 grams red Water 45 kg spray. The second time from the second leaf to the third leaf stage, that is 12-13 days after sowing, combined with the application of milk fertilizer, the use of "double super" or "Tian Cao Ling" or "farmer cattle" or "casting abundance" and other powder Mix urea and keep water for 5-7 days to eliminate weeds and broadleaf weeds. Two times of weeding method “sealing and killing” depends on the management of “water”. In the second to third days after the first spraying, we must see the weather and the degree of wetness on the surface, once a horse race water, and promote medicine with water. , medicine to grass. After sowing and weeding, the field cannot be sun-dried and cracking occurs, causing thousands of gold to occur.

Second, promptly check, choose to use drugs directly kill Qianqin. After 12-13 days after sowing, if there are thousands of gold occur, should be used 10% of the emulsion of 60 ml per acre 45 kg of water spray, and can also be ruled alfalfa. If the previous stage of treatment is 3-4 plots, the dosage per acre must be increased to 80 ml. Before using the herbicide, it is necessary to drain the field water and apply the water on the second day after the application to ensure the effect.

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