How to determine the appropriate amount of fertilizer for crops

Q: How to determine the appropriate amount of fertilizer?

Experts: According to surveys conducted by farmers in China on fertilization, the proportion of fertilizers that are insufficient, suitable, and excessive accounts for approximately 1/3 of each other. This shows that the potential for rational fertilization is significant. The amount of fertilizer applied is influenced by many factors such as soil, crops and climate. How much appropriate is the application of fertilizer, and it is necessary to grasp both the basic amount of fertilizer and the specific amount of fertilizer. The basic amount of fertilizer refers to the relatively stable amount of fertilizer applied to the same type of soil and crop. It is obtained through a large number of field experiments and production practices, and is widely recognized as a range of fertilizer application. The specific amount of fertilizer is based on the basic amount of fertilizer, according to the local soil, crop characteristics and put forward more targeted fertilizer.

Q: What are the basic fertilization rates for several major crops?

Experts: For field crops such as wheat and corn, in most cases, the total amount of fertilized acres, nitrogen fertilizer 8-15 kilograms, of which about half as base fertilizer, the rest as top dressing; phosphate fertilizer less than half of nitrogen fertilizer, 4-6 kg Potassium fertilizer is mostly between nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers and varies from region to region: 10-15 kg in the coastal and southern areas, 0-4 kg in the northwest and northeast, and 5-10 kg in the Huang-Huai-Hai area; Take greenhouse solanaceous vegetables as an example. Generally, on the basis of the Mushi 5-7 square decomposed organic fertilizer, the appropriate amount of phytofertilizer is used as base fertilizer. The amount of nitrogen fertilizer is roughly the same as that of field crops, and the amount of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer is higher than that of Daejeon. crop. On this basis, starting from the time when the first fruit is sitting, combined with batch fruit-picking and irrigation, 4-8 times, each application of nitrogen fertilizer and potassium fertilizer is about 4-6 kilograms or high nitrogen-potassium compound fertilizer (in kind) 10- 15 kilograms; fruit trees to full fruit period, for example, if 40-80 trees per acre, the application of three yuan compound fertilizer, in the fall of the year, each plant applied 30-50 kilograms of organic fertilizer, coupled with application of compound fertilizer 1.5- 2 kg base fertilizer. From the buds before the next year to the long fruit period after physiological fruiting, the top dressing is applied 2-3 times, and each compound fertilizer is applied to 1-2 kg each time.

Q: How to convert nutrient application amount into fertilizer application amount?

Experts: The fertilizer application amount is obtained by dividing the nutrient application amount by the nutrient content of the fertilizer. For example, if the amount of nitrogen fertilizer for wheat basal fertilizer is 5 kg and the urea content is 46%, the application amount converted to urea is: 546% = 10.87 kg.

Q: How to determine the specific amount of fertilizer?

Experts: The basic amount of fertilizer proposed in the previous section has a reasonable range, and it can be used as a basis to determine the specific amount of fertilizer. If the yield is low or if the soil is fertile, the amount of fertilization may be appropriately reduced, and the lower limit of the basic fertilization amount may be taken, whereas the upper limit is taken instead. The amount of nitrogen applied to legume crops should be reduced by 1/3 to 1/2 that of grass crops. Since crops and land can't speak, in order to get more accurate fertilizer application, it is necessary to conduct soil testing and formula fertilization. That is, under the guidance of experts, determine the amount of fertilizer and fertilization plan based on specific soil nutrient test results and target yield.

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