How to formulate feed for pigeons

1. To control the volume of diet, we must ensure the nutrition level and consider the food intake. The average pigeon consumes 30-60 grams in one day. If the diet contains a large amount of crude fiber, it is easy to cause a large volume. The pigeons eat as much as possible. At the time of entry, nutrition cannot meet its needs. Therefore, the general crude fiber content should be controlled within 5%.

2, a variety of feed mix, play a complementary role in nutrition. The nutritional value of the diet is high and the palatability is good, and the digestibility of the feed and production efficiency are improved.

3. Keep the feed relatively stable. After the rations are properly prepared, changes should be made with seasons, feed resources, feed prices, production levels, etc., but the changes should not be too large and remain relatively stable. If changes are needed, gradual transitions must also be considered.

4, choose the right raw materials to cooperate. It is required that the feed ingredients are non-toxic, mildew-free, non-polluting, free from pathogenic microorganisms and parasites. It is necessary to consider the use of local feed resources as much as possible, taking into account the market price of raw materials, and reduce the cost of feed under the premise of ensuring nutrition.

5. According to the different conditions of pigeons such as breed, age, use, physiological stage, and production level, determine their nutritional requirements, establish feeding standards, and then select feed according to the breeding standards to match.

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