How to increase the sweetness of planted sugar cane

How to increase the sugar content of sugar cane, the important measure of which is to make a reasonable nutrition match, according to a number of practical data. Sugarcane needs the ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to be about 4:1:2. In order to ensure that the sugarcane has sufficient nutrition throughout the growth period and can continuously provide nutrients to the plants, attention should be paid to the application of organic fertilizer in the basal fertilizer, and generally about 2,000 kilograms of livestock manure should be applied. In order to reduce the effect of phosphate fertilizer on soil fertility, 30 kg of superphosphate should be mixed with organic fertilizer. Since potassium fertilizer is applied to the soil, it is mostly absorbed by the soil colloids and becomes a substitute potassium. It has less mobility in the soil and is generally not easy to lose, so it should be applied close to the rhizosphere. The law of absorption of potassium by sugarcane is mainly concentrated in the early-middle period, accounting for about 80% of the total potassium absorption in the whole period. In addition, the potassium absorbed in the early stage can be transferred to the later growth in the plant. Therefore, the potassium fertilizer should also be applied early. It should be 50% of the total amount in the base fertilizer, and the remaining 50% should be regenerated in the early stage of delivery or early elongation. Apply. Generally, 13.5 kg of potassium chloride or 15 kg of potassium sulfate and about 35 kg of urea are applied throughout the whole growth period. Except for Shiji fertilizer, the remaining fertilizer should be topdressed separately with manure in the tillering stage (7-8 leaves), elongation period, and elongation period. The allocation of fertilizers accounts for a relatively large proportion in the peak of elongation, accounting for about 50% of the remaining fertilizer. Sugarcane is used for many times to pass through the trace elements in the leaf during the whole growing season. It is recommended to spray the amino acids easily absorbed by the plants and the foliar fertilizers containing zinc, boron, magnesium and other elements, such as plant protection Jia, Wo Jiafu, gold green Xing liquid fertilizer. In addition, if sugarcane is planted in winter or early spring, it is covered by mulching film to increase the temperature inside and outside the membrane, increase the biological activity of enzymes inside the sugarcane plant, speed up the sprouting of the sugarcane sprouts, increase the survival rate and strong seedlings, and make the plants grow faster and prolonged. During the effective growth period, increasing the accumulation of light energy products can increase sugar content and yield.

In short, improving the sugar content of sugarcane mainly requires rational rhizosphere fertilizer elements; through the repeated application of microelements in the foliage; adopting advanced mulching technology to extend the effective growth period and increase sugar conversion.

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