How to prevent and control the rare leaves of Viburnum

The flowers, leaves, fruits, and trees of Tianmu Qionghua are extremely beautiful. They integrate the concept of flowers, foliage, and observation. If they are improperly managed and maintained, they will cause the leaves to be thin, which will greatly reduce the ornamental value. To make Tianmu Qionghua flourish, we must do:

1 Use fertile, well-drained sandy loam.

2 Basal fertilizer should be applied when planting. After the autumn, the organic fertilizer is applied in the root of the soil after the autumn. Before and after flowering, it is necessary to apply 1 thin fertilizer.

3 Before each anteroom admission, pruning should be carried out before cutting into the dense branches, dead branches and branches of diseases and insects, and shorten the weak long branches. Before the second year of germination, cut the ear of the next year.

4 Do not use too much water, drain water and prevent flooding in the rainy season, and drain water in the basin in time.

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