How to transfer water, fertilizer and water in aquaculture?

Microecological preparations refer to live bacterial preparations that consist of many beneficial microorganisms and their metabolites and can be used directly. They have no toxic and side effects, no drug resistance, no residue, low cost, significant effect, etc., effectively overcoming antibiotics, Hormones, preservatives, pesticides, chemical fertilizers and other chemical side effects.

With the continuous development of the aquaculture industry, most of the aquaculture users have gradually gone from the past to other diseases such as the use of fish and fish (because of the sudden outburst of fish diseases such as explosive deaths). The new breed model. Briefly stated as follows: The water environment is where both beneficial bacteria and harmful bacteria exist. When the water body deteriorates, the harmful bacteria actually have an absolute advantage, resulting in unsuitable for the survival of the breeding object. Deterioration of water quality is one of the major causes of disease in farmed animals, but it is not formed in one day or two, but is caused by various comprehensive causes over a long period of time. If we can regularly regulate the water quality by using microecological agents (ie, beneficial bacteria), we can prevent the deterioration of the aquatic environment of the cultured objects, so that the cultured objects will have less illness or illness.

However, when various types of customers use microecological agents, they will find that some customers have obvious use effects; some customers have obvious early results, but they rebound quickly; while others do not have the same effect.

Why does this happen? Prebiotics proposes the following two points for users' reference:

First, because microecological preparations do have extraordinary results, from the year 2000 onwards, hundreds of homes have emerged from dozens of countries, of which there are not many formal production equipment and fermentation process manufacturers. All kinds of aquaculture users are familiar with the GMP certification of veterinary drugs, but the actual GMP production of veterinary drugs is quite different from the production of microecological preparations. Often at the time of purchase, it is wrong to assume that this certification also has a production of microecological agents. The production of micro-ecological preparations needs equipment such as strain culture equipment, multiple strain seed cans, and compound fermentation tanks. Manufacturers who do not have this equipment may purchase source liquids, dilute and blend them for simple production, which leads to various types of customers' purchases and use effects that are not obvious, or even counterproductive due to the fact that the production process is relatively simple. Therefore, the selection of regular manufacturers is the basis for the use of microecological agents. If you recognize it? Probiotics Tips: The only way at present is to have a production license issued by China's Ministry of Agriculture (SLXK Feed Addition), and the product name in the production license indicates the name of a certain species. This card is the only way to distinguish between formal production equipment and processes. In other words: the choice of a regular microecological product is the necessary basis.

Second, the scientific use of microecological agents is the second key link. The use of all types of beneficial microbes for compound microecological preparations requires scientific use, otherwise the effects will be insignificant or counterproductive. If the water body is muddy and unpleasant when viewed with the naked eye, in a sense, it is analyzed that there are too many suspended solids, harmful organic matter, bait residue, feces, etc. in the water body, and the spores are used as the dominant bacteria for decomposition. However, actual use has occurred, and floating objects have appeared in the breeding object for three to five days, which has caused customers to feel unsatisfied. The reason for this may be that no prior routine water testing has been performed. The actual dissolved oxygen in the water is low. The spores reproduce once every thirty seconds and consume more oxygen. At the same time, oxygen deficiency can only reduce ammonia nitrogen, and can not drop nitrite. Another example: the use of a single photosynthetic bacteria requires light, rich in organic matter, in the light of the environment is not sufficient, the effect is certainly not obvious. Another example: For water bodies with pronounced blackening and aging conditions at the bottom of the water, they must first be reformed, and then use lactic acid bacteria and actinomycetes as the dominant bacteria species for water transfer. In actual use, if you do not first make the maximum change, there are effects. Due to the harmful bottom quality, bait residue, and excrement of the cultured objects at the bottom for a long time at the bottom, the spores with strong extension ability are not used as the dominant compound species to decompose at the bottom, resulting in the first rain but other weather effects. The water body is stirred, and harmful substances at the bottom penetrate into the middle and upper parts of the water body. To promote the deterioration of the water environment (such as PH value, ammonia nitrogen, nitrite, etc.) affect the growth of the breeding object and feeding.

Probiotics's market exploration in the past three years has found that formal micro-ecological preparations manufacturers, if only providing a single product with a qualified quality, do not strengthen the scientific use of the aquaculture water environment, and it has been difficult to exert the real effects of micro-ecological agents. Through years of practice, we have summarized the following experiences:

First, the water transfer must follow: change the bottom - the principle of water transfer.

In the face of ponds with poor water conditions, it is necessary to reduce the cost of the probiotics at the maximum limit and to keep the water in good condition for a longer period of time.

1. Detoxification - At present, it is the time for aquaculture users to use a large amount of disinfectants and insecticides in the spring. At the same time when disinfecting and killing insects, they have a negative impact on the entire water environment. In order to make the water body as good as possible and prolong the good quality of water, the probiotic company was established in the initial stage, and it is necessary to dilute as far as possible the side effects of chemicals such as relieving disinfection and insecticides. For example, when a mosquito or fly is produced in a certain room in the summer, when we spray the pest, people must first open the window to breathe before entering. We are entering the room with a reason. Otherwise, it will definitely have a lot of side effects on the human body. This affects the body functions of the cultured objects.

2. Water purification - As a result of the breeding process over the years, the residues of feces, heavy metals, chemical agents, etc., which were put in by a large amount of bait, sink into the bottom of the water. If the residual pollution at the bottom of the water body is not resolved, even if the water is adjusted well, no matter the bottom, it still has a great influence on the whole breeding process. The consequences of the impact will be: due to the rain and other weather, the bottom harmful substances will enter the water body. , upper part, which led to the sudden outbreak of fish disease and other events caused a huge loss to farmers. Because the probiotics company recommends: In order to maximize the water at the end of a one-time adjustment, as long as possible to extend the water body for a good period of time. Due to the use of non-microecological products, the three-dimensional decomposition of the unified sinking of the suspended and harmful substances in the water body and the upper part of the water to the bottom of the pool is effective. It's like: We have to do a room floor sweep. If there is no initial sweeping process, a single mop will be mowed directly. The actual operation process will find that during the dragging process, the difficulty is very great and the ground is still dirty after the ground has dried. Finally, after several summing-up experiences, the first step is to sweep the ground and clean the trash and dust on the floor with a broom, and then drag the floor, and you will feel the time for relaxing and keeping clean will be greatly extended.

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