Kiwifruit summer cut should be emphasized

Summer pruning is not only the continuation of last year's winter pruning, but also lays the foundation for this year's winter pruning. It should be said that summer pruning is more important than winter pruning, but most fruit farmers do not pay enough attention to summer pruning during production operations. This situation needs to be corrected as soon as possible. .

1. If the buds sprouting on the trunk, main vines and side vines are improperly positioned or overly densely overlapped, they should be wiped out at any time. The sooner you wipe off the bud, the better. On the mother branch with generally robust results, 5-6 fruiting branches can produce high yields.

Second, picking the flowers 7-10 days before the results of the branch and development of branch topping, can make the leaves hypertrophy, full twigs, promote vegetative growth to reproductive growth and transformation, increase the rate of fruit set, accelerate the expansion of young fruit. In the last month of May, the leaves were harvested with 7-8 leaves. The second branch left 2-3 tablets for repeated topping; in late June, 2-3 leaves were cut short for weak branches and 7-9 for long branches. The leaves are short-cut, leaving 10-12 leaves on the leggy branches for short cuts; after mid-August, stop picking up the hearts, otherwise it will stimulate full shoots to germinate in the fall and affect the growth and results in the coming year. In September-October, the young shoots were cut off from the branches that did not stop growing, and they matured.

Third, thinning and thinning generally grow about 20 centimeters in the shoot, and it can be recognized when the inflorescences are recognized. According to the tree potential, the use of shelf, the number of mother branches and the ratio of the results of branches and vegetative branches, the amount of branches can be reasonably determined.

Anything that develops on the permanent main branch or the resulting mother branch will be cut off from the base unless it is left as a ready branch. The remaining branch will be plucked at a height of about 1 meter to promote its growth and growth into a skeleton branch. Or good results mother branch.

For the strains with high branching rate, the result will be based on the degree of lushiness of the branches and branches, and the results will be eliminated from the dense branches, debilitated and diseased pests, and the results will be germinated on the mother branches with short internodes. , growth suitable for occupying space conditions properly removed.

If the growth is not substantial, and the resulting mother tree can not be formed in the following year, it shall be cut off from the base unless it is required to continue cultivation.

For the result branches that are located on the back of the resulting mother branch, if the result is too drooping close to the ground, the growth potential is weak, which may hinder the ventilation and light transmission, and the fruit is easy to stick to the sludge sand, which can be removed as appropriate.

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