Longjing tea drying method

(1) Lime storage method.

The traditional household storage method uses lime cylinder drying method, which has a certain effect.
The size of the iron box, glass bottle, rice cylinder, ceramic jar, etc. can be selected as the container with appropriate volume and sealing performance. The size depends on the number of tea leaves to be packed. It is required to be dry, clean, odorless, and rust-free; the dry tea leaves are clean and thin. Paper wrap (do not use old newspapers, so as not to absorb the ink taste of tea), half a kilogram package, tied with a string, layer by layer into the tank around (lime bags placed in the center), can be sealed.
Large amount of storage is generally at the bottom of the store-like layered lime, the upper layer of tea is placed in large packages; when the amount of tea is small can be used packaging methods such as boxes, bags, etc., will use kraft paper packaging Longjing tea into lime Store in a box or bag. The amount of lime should be determined according to the water content of the tea, and the ratio of tea to quicklime is generally 4?1-5?1. This method should be observed in the use of the process, need to exchange lime regularly, at least 3-4 times a year.
Lime moisture absorption after weathering should be promptly replaced, the general installation of the altar after a month will be replaced, after every 1-2 months to replace once. Otherwise, not only does lime lose its moisture absorption effect, but moisture in the lime is also absorbed by the tea. Using this method to store West Lake Longjing tea, the effect is very good. The quicklime in this method can also be replaced with silica gel, and its effect is better. When the silica gel absorbs water and changes color, it can be used after drying.

(2) Charcoal Storage

The specific method is similar to the lime storage method except that charcoal is used instead of quicklime as a desiccant, which means that 1kg of charcoal is put into a cloth bag, and it can be replaced once every two months.
If charcoal absorbs moisture, charcoal must be red-hot and then put into a cloth bag after cooling. Each bag weighs about 1 kg. Every two months, the charcoal must be removed and dried.

Let's take a look at the drying method of persimmon leaf tea:
The effects of rubbing and different drying methods on the quality of Anxi oil persimmon leaf tea were studied. The results showed that: rubbing can increase the cell damage rate of persimmon leaf tea, so that the water extract content of persimmon leaf tea increases, which is beneficial to improve the brewing property of persimmon leaf tea. Persimmon leaf tea can get more suitable nutrient content by stir-drying, and the fried persimmon leaf tea has yellow-green color, strong aroma, fresh taste of mellow and sweet green, and green leaf bottom. The sensory score is high. Persimmon leaf tea should be controlled with attention to the heat and time during frying, and in the frying process, lime and charcoal should be frequently used to store together with tea, which is a traditional dry tea storage technique and generally has a certain effect. In theory, moisture has a great influence on the quality of tea. The dry tea moisture content should be as low as possible, and the general requirement is less than 6%. The relative humidity of the environment has a great influence on the moisture content of dry tea. Generally, the relative humidity of the storage environment should be less than 60%. Drying technology is the precondition for prolonging the shelf life and freshness of tea and applying other preservation techniques.

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