Occurrence and Control of Maize Mites

The maize armyworm is a migratory and bulimgy pest, and is one of the major pests in the corn seedling stage. Insectivorous diet is very complex, especially eating corn leaves, so that the formation of nicks, often occur when the leaves are eaten, leaving only the light stalks, resulting in no harvest.

Hazardous characteristics of the armyworm breeding is strong, spawning sites are selective, in corn, sorghum and other high stalk crops egg production in the tip of the dead leaves. After hatching, the larvae concentrate on feeding the leaves and leaves in the mouth of the bell. The leaves of the third instar become short-cut, and the fifth instar has the highest food intake, and the leaves can be eaten. Inhabiting the corn more in the bell mouth, leafhoppers and panicles in the ears. There is a false death, there is self-mutilation after age 3, more than 4 years of age can migrate to expand the hazard. Larval feeding activity is most abundant in the evening, early morning and rainy days. Adults like to feed on honey plants and have strong tropism towards black light and sugar-cool liquors. The armyworm prefers warm and humid conditions. Rainfall is generally conducive to happen, but heavy rain, heavy rain and a short period of low temperature are not conducive to adult oviposition. The cornfields with dense growth, low topography, and high weeds are heavy.

Control methods Chemical control: Insect larvae before 3rd instar use 20% cypermethrin EC 15~45g water 50kg spray, or 5% swab 1000 ~ 1500 times liquid, or 40% oxidative music If 1500 ~ 2000 times liquid, or 10% Da Gongchen 2000 ~ 2500 times spray control. Ecological control: In the period of young larvae with diflubenzuron 1 ~ 3 20010-6 prevention and control, do not kill natural enemies, the safety of crops, the amount of less does not pollute the environment. Insects were integrated with black light and sweet and sour wine mixture during the eradication period of armyworm.

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