Oxygen-enriched warming fermentation method

The oxygenated and warmed fermentation method of cottonseed hull culture material is a new type of fermentation method that has been explored by the author for many years. Compared with conventional fermentation method, this method has a rapid temperature rise (up to 65°C in 24 hours), high temperature (above 70°C in the fermentation process), short processing time (4 days and 5 nights), good fermentation quality, etc. advantage. The cultivation of Pleurotus ostreatus with the culture material processed by this method not only has a low pollution rate, but also has a rapid bacterial growth, an early mushrooming, and a high yield. The technical points are introduced as follows: 1. Use external heat sources to increase the starting temperature of fermentation. Fermentation is the result of high-temperature microbial activity. The optimum temperature for high-temperature microbial activity is 50-60°C. Therefore, you should try to increase the starting temperature of the pile. Conditional 40-50 °C warm water can be used, unconditionally in the afternoon of the exposure of the cotton shell shelling hot seasoning, in order to facilitate high-temperature microbial activity, prolific heat, rapid warming, reduce the low temperature harmful microorganisms Activity time. 2, scientific water to prevent excessive. Some mushroom farmers to compensate for the loss of water during the fermentation process, adding more water when mixing, this will make the culture material permeability worse, is not conducive to high-temperature microbial activities. Moreover, the heat capacity of water is large, and the water content rises at a high rate in the stockpile. Therefore, the appropriate amount of water should be determined according to the amount of velvet contained in the cotton shell. The general ratio of water to water should be controlled in the range of 1:1.2-1.4. After mixing and holding by hand, it is appropriate to have 2-3 drops of water between the fingers. If water is found to be insufficient during turning, timely water supply can be provided. The replenishment should be carried out in small quantities, and it is not appropriate to make up too much water once, so as not to reduce the temperature of the material and affect the air permeability of the material pile. 3, limit high accumulation of oxygen storage. Cottonseed husk culture material is more important than wheat straw and other culture materials, the accumulation is too high, the pressure pores in the lower part of the material pile are reduced, and the oxygen reserves are insufficient, which is not conducive to the reproduction and growth of high-temperature microorganisms. According to my experience, the pile height is 0.8-1m. The shape of the heap can be determined according to the amount of the material to be fermented, and the amount of material can be made into a long pile with a width of 1.2-1.5 meters at the end and a height of 0.8-1 meters; a small amount of material can be built as a round pile. Less than 250 kg should not be treated with fermentation method, otherwise it is difficult to guarantee the quality of fermentation. 4, Qin turned stockpiles added oxygen. From the next day after the construction of the reactor, each morning and evening will be piled up one at a time to discharge carbon dioxide, supplement the oxygen required for high-temperature microbial activity, and maintain high activity of high-temperature microorganisms, which can achieve the purpose of rapid temperature rise and high temperature of the stockpile. At the same time, it avoids the disadvantages of conventional fermentation methods such as long-term non-turnover, excessive humidity on the heap surface due to the condensation of water vapor on the stack, unbalanced moisture inside and outside the stack, and low-temperature and low-temperature harmful microorganisms caused by low humidity at the heap surface. , improve the quality of fermentation. 5, double protection against pests. After the heap was built, a small amount of 500-fold dichlorvos and 300-fold carbendazim mixed liquids were sprayed on the heap, and then covered with a plastic film. The film retains moisture and prevents the breeding of mosquitoes and flies. The chemical liquid under the film can kill or inhibit the pests, eggs and bacteria in the non-high temperature area of ​​the heap to reduce the chance of infection by the pests.

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