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Through learning to summarize the common failure phenomena of the baler and the troubleshooting methods are as follows:

1. Hydraulic system has no pressure or low pressure

(1) The oil pump motor is turning incorrectly.
(2) The relief valve spool is stuck.
(3) The solenoid valve spool of the unloading valve does not act.
(4) The amount of hydraulic oil is too small, and the oil pump does not suck oil.
(5) The pressure gauge is damaged. The motor fan blade should be rotated clockwise. If it is reversed, the power cord should be commutated; check and repair the valve; add hydraulic oil according to the use regulations; repair or replace.

2, do not send

(1) The three-position four-way solenoid valve does not change direction (Y1 lamp does not light).
(2) The door switch is not reset (Y1 light does not light).

A, the ash is blocked by the touch rod, which is not flexible.
B. The door switch torsion spring is fatigued or broken.
C. The touch rod is fatigue fractured.

(3) The three-position four-way solenoid valve core is stuck and does not change direction (Y1 light is on).
(4) The plastic belt is hooked on the reel or other place to pull the belt to pull the belt.
(5) The front end of the belt is broken into the movable cutter (the guide plate is not adjusted synchronously, and the collision with the cutter affects its return speed, and even the cutter is stuck).
(6) There is any debris or foreign matter under the movable cutter and it will not return to the position, blocking the fixed cutting edge, so that the feeding belt is blocked.

A. Check the Y1 related circuit and repair it.
B. Check the door switch.
C. Remove dust.
D. Replace the spring.
E. Replace the touch lever.

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