Rabbits should raise heatstroke

Summer heat and humidity, rabbit sweat glands are not developed, often due to heat and loss of appetite, reduced resistance to disease, especially for puppies, young rabbits a great threat. Therefore, rabbit breeding in summer should pay attention to the following points:

Summer heat-proof cooling rabbit house should be cool and ventilated, can not let the sun shine directly on the rabbit cage, when the cage temperature exceeds 30 °C, the floor can be splashed water cooling. Open air rabbit farms should promptly establish a pergola and plant climbing plants such as pumpkins and grapes. Before the arrival of summer, hairy rabbits must shear the hair once.

Carefully feeding the summer midday heat, the rabbit is often lack of appetite, daily feeding should be done early breakfast feeding, dinner late feeding, Chinese food more green feed, while providing adequate clean drinking water. Drink water to supply low-temperature water is good, such as adding 2% of salt in drinking water, you can supplement the consumption of salt in the body.

Good food bowls must be washed once a day. The cages should be cleaned and diligently disinfected, and the feed should be prevented from becoming moldy.

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