Several simple ways to eat red beans

Red beans can be eaten in a few small red beans. Don't think that beauty is only related to luxury goods. Cost-effective and effective beauty methods are everywhere. Be sure to carefully discover it. Red beans in the "Compendium of Materia Medica," the official name for the "chixiaodou", red beans in traditional medicine, mainly used in water - to edema, benefit gas - to beriberi, spleen, ancient books with red beans and squid rotten food, for improvement The edema caused by pregnant women during the later stages of pregnancy is of great help.
Nutritional value:
Red beans are rich in vitamins B1, B2, protein and various minerals, and have blood, diuretic, swelling, promote heart activation and other effects.
In addition, its fiber helps to excrete body salt, fat and other wastes, and has a great effect on the stovepipe.
Red beans can supplement blood, but it is necessary to pay attention to many causes of anemia. If it is caused by deficiency of vitamin B12, the help of red beans is very limited.

1. Red bean purple rice soup
Method: Wash 20 grams of red beans and 20 grams of purple rice and soak them overnight. Pour the soaked water and add it in fresh water. Cook over low heat until cooked. Add appropriate amount of honey when eating.
Efficacy: Red bean itself has a diuretic effect, helps to improve edema, carbohydrate content is high, can be used as a daily food, pay attention to purple rice is not easy to digest, one should not eat too much.

2. Red Green Lily
Method: 20 grams of mung bean, red bean and lily are immersed in half an hour. After the fire is cooked, they are cooked and slowly cooked until the beans are cooked. Add appropriate amount of sugar or salt, and salted sweets are acceptable.
Efficacy: Vitamins contained in mung bean can help lighten melanin; red beans can detoxify heat; and lily can nourish skin.

3. Go to water swelling soup
Method: Wash 20 grams of raw barley and 30 grams of red beans for about half a day. Drain and set aside. Add Coriander boiled until soft, add red beans and cook, then add rock sugar, turn off after dissolution, let cool before eating.
Efficacy: This soup helps beauty and beauty, nourishing Qi, nourishing water and swelling. Red beans can be Qi and blood, benefit water swelling; Yiren can Jianpi water, heat discharge

4. Lotus lily red bean
[Materials] Red bean 500G, white lotus 30G, lily 10G, dried tangerine peel, rock sugar about 500G.
[practice] 1, first wash clean red beans, lotus seeds, lily, bubbling water for two hours;
2, boiled water, the red beans (and dipped bean water) as well as tangerine peel, lotus seeds, lily into the pot;
3, after boiling, use medium heat for two hours, and finally use fire for about half an hour.
4. When the red bean is dusted and there is still a proper amount of water, you can add sugar to taste. The sweetness is according to everyone's love.
Efficacy: red beans have a pure heart and rejuvenation, spleen and kidney function, adding lotus seeds, lily more solid essence Qi, bleeding, strong bones and other effects, can cure lung dry, dry cough, enhance visceral vitality and enhance physical strength.

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