Sheds growing period of cucumber madness?

1, timely watering. Watering should be controlled between the two to promote the middle, that is, before the melon period, to raise the temperature of the farmland to protect the main soil, do see wet see dry; melon period every 7-10 days, pouring water, each watering should be in the pick melon Before proceeding to control the madness; control the watering after the top melon is harvested and promote new roots. When watering back, it will be watered in time.

2, scientific fertilizer. On the premise of ensuring the supply of soil nitrogen, appropriate application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer. Top dressing is in liquid form, with water as fertilizer. Generally before the root melon before harvesting 15-20 kg of urea, 10 kg of potassium sulfate, 15 kg of ammonium phosphate, after each received two times to recover a fertilizer. In the middle and later stages, the water is used to chase the cooked manure 2-3 times, each time about 1,000 kilograms per mu.

3, temperature control and humidity. The suitable temperature for the growth and development of cucumbers is 25-30°C. Plant growth is faster than 30°C, and it is prone to grow mad. Therefore, the greenhouse temperature should be controlled at 25-30°C during the day and should not exceed 30°C. The nighttime temperature should be maintained at about 18°C ​​to reduce respiration and increase dry matter accumulation. The proper air humidity for cucumbers is 60%-80%.

4. Look at the vines. When the guava grows to about 30 cm, it starts to bind the vines. For the first time, when the vines grow vigorously, they can bend and abdomen, and the degree of bending and tightness of the vines can be determined. If there is a small amount of melons, the degree of bending must be large and it must be tight.

5, hormones Guagua. After cucurbit cucumber, the vegetative growth of the plant was controlled. Therefore, it is necessary to try to make the first batch of flowers more sitting. If the first batch of flowers sitting less, easily lead to crazy. According to the experiment, using 100% liquid of Paulowning hormone to dip the flowers and spray flowers, the cucumbers can sit on melons, and they can keep the melons and promote the rapid expansion of the melons. It can be listed to increase early production, but also effectively prevent melons from growing.

6, timely harvest melon. Root melon has a significant effect on melons. When root melons are harvested later, the growth of melons is inhibited. Crab larvae should be properly picked root melons in order to play the role of falling maggots, to ease the crazy growth, when the melon cricket growth is weak, to early harvest root melons, to prevent falling, as soon as possible to take measures to promote growth.

The mycelium is multicellular, has transverse septum, and is elongated by the growth of the apex, white, slender, woolly, gradually becoming filamentous. Mycelia are conjugated with each other to form a dense population, called mycelia. After mycelium saprophytic, the brown culture medium turned light brown. The fruiting body of a mushroom is like an open umbrella when it matures. It is composed of bacteria cover, stalk, fungus fold, fungus ring, pseudomycorrhiza and so on. Mushrooms are widely distributed throughout the earth and are most abundant in forest deciduous areas.

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