Spiral oil press green production has high economic value

Spiral oil press green production has high economic value

The screw press is mainly composed of electrical control, automatic heating, adjustment, transmission and vacuum filter oil. The snail is made of alloy steel by carburizing to enhance the surface hardness and wear resistance; the squeezing is ground by a surface grinder to ensure the accuracy of the oil line and improve the oil yield; the standard components such as power distribution, vacuum and automatic heating are well-known in China. Brand, optimized machine configuration; machine surface is made of stainless steel and chrome, in line with food hygiene standards. The screw press uses mechanical means to apply the most traditional production methods to production. There is no excessive mechanical factor to cause oil pollution. In the simplest traditional way, at the same time, the oil can be refined more fully, so that the edible oil can be produced. Really called the original ecological health oil.

In the actual operation of the screw press, the diameter of the root garden is gradually thickened, but the pitch between them is gradually reduced. Its thread can push the blank forward and turn it outward. In the actual operation, it is also possible to control the speed of each of the embryo particles in the squeegee to operate at a non-equal speed. When the screw press is running, it generates heat between each other, which can play a good role in thermal denaturation of the embryo protein and colloidal plasticity. Then, through the gap between the row of rows and the gap between the rows of rows, we can get the oil substances in it, so that the screw press equipment will not produce oil pollution, which plays a very good role in the long-term operation of the oil press.

With the increase in the income level of Chinese consumers and the increasing demand for food safety, the safety of edible oil has become another sensitive topic in mass consumption. The emergence of small oil press not only fills the gap in the market, but also actively advocates consumers' right to take the initiative to obtain safe oil, seeks “dignity of consumption” for the people, and injects confidence in the index of happiness of individuals, families and society as a whole. It is based on the pursuit of this healthy lifestyle that the household screw press will be accepted by more and more families and become a new health trend sweeping millions of families.

The multi-purpose screw press equipment is widely used. Up to now, China's economy has developed rapidly, and grain and oil production has begun to develop in the direction of deep processing and large-scale. Under such a background, it is urgent to speed up the development of China's oil-pressing machinery industry. The needs of the times and the needs of the realities.

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