Sweet corn cultivation techniques

Sweet corn is particularly suitable palatability, soft and delicate taste, thick skin thin, fragrant flavor. After fresh food is harvested, it can be immediately sold directly or through fresh frozen processing, vacuum packaging, etc., and can maintain its original form, color, nutrition and quality, and it will be listed on the anniversary. After maturity, the kernels harvested from corn can be processed, corn porridge is brewed, and corn is processed to produce various foods. - More than 800kg of fresh ear per mu, and spring sowing is 90 days from emergence to harvest, and autumn sowing is about 75 days.

Cultivation points:

1. It should be isolated from other corn (300m) to prevent string of powder;

2, sowing in stages, harvesting in batches to ensure high quality and high prices. From late February to early March, sowing should be carried out with double membranes covering germination, and cultivating with floppy disks. After the beginning of April, germination can be broadcast live. Seed sowing in early autumn from mid-July to early August;

3, wide and narrow line planting. Wide line 80cm, narrow line 50cm, plant (hole) distance 27cm, density 3500 points per acre, each seed sowing seed 2 seeds, 4 leaf stage Dingmiao, leaving 1 seedlings per hole. About 3500 seedlings per mu;

4, mainly organic fertilizer, Shizu base fertilizer. Mushi pig manure 1500kg or compound fertilizer 80kg, Miaofei 4 ~ 5 leaf early application, 9 leaf stage (big bell stage) urea 15 ~ 20kg per acre for panicle fertilizer;

5, pay attention to the use of "Jinggangmycin" to control sheath blight and use "Ruijin special" to prevent corn borer;

6, artificial loose powder pollination period;

7. After harvesting about 23-25 ​​days after pollination, the harvest of corn such as fresh apples is not good at one time, but can be harvested after the mature seeds are ready for processing.

8. After harvesting, young green leaves and stems can be used as green feed for cattle, sheep and fish.

Hoisin Sauce

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