The early occurrence of yellowing wilt in cotton shows the highest incidence

1. Control the use of nitrogen fertilizers, in particular, do not directly apply ammonium bicarbonate;
2. In the field management, try to keep the roots and leaves from harm;
3, more from the opposite side of the leaves to spray good-saving potassium, a good peace of mind silicon fertilizer, a good peace of mind calcium, etc., to improve the cotton's own resistance;
4. In the early stage of bud initiation, secondary use of 4% agro-resistance 120 or 29.5% of maleicillin copper can be used to kill 101 roots, etc., and 150-200 grams of water is poured into each cotton plant;
5, open a good three ditch (gutter, Weigou, Xianggou) pay attention to drainage.
special reminder:
Diseases are mainly prevention, and they must be prevented before they become ill. It is very difficult to cure these two diseases.

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