The female rabbit does not eat food after delivery?

The main reason is that the female rabbits are born with litters while eating the placenta. Rabbits are herbivores, and when eaten into the placenta, they are difficult to digest in the stomach, resulting in no eating or eating. Treatment can be eaten raw mother tablets 3 ~ 5 / times, intramuscular injection of ofloxacin 2 ml, can play an increase appetite, anti-inflammatory effect, while feeding more green feed, increase drinking water, 2 days after all normal.

Laser Distance Meter 80M

We are the one of three leading factory in China, specialized in manufacturing laser distance module since 2004. Bilateral laser distance measurer is one of mutifunctional laser distance device. JRT multifunctional laser measuring device functions include area,distance,length,volume,continuous measurement,addition and subtraction, measuring unit: ft/m/inch. More functions can be customerized. And the laser measuring meter have distance 30/40/60/80/100/150m for chosing. This bilateral degin is our 40m middle laser distance transducer 703A laser measuring meter.
OEM service:
* usb chargable
* voice
* IP54 rating
* Colorful case

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