The problem that autumn sheep should pay attention to

.p{line-height: 100%} The problem that should be paid attention to in the autumn sheep raising is the season of harvest. The mature grasses and rich nutrition are the good season for raising sheep, but you should pay attention to the following work:

First, scientific grazing

The weather is cool and hot in the autumn, and cool in the morning and evening. Grazing should adhere to early grazing, late harvest, noon summer. When it is grazing on a frosty day, it will be late to return late to prevent sheep from eating grass with frost. It is strictly forbidden to grazing and rest in moist and muddy places so as not to cause rheumatism and ingest parasite eggs. It is best for the sheep to drink clean water or spring water instead of drinking water.

Sheep love to eat clean fodder. Before eating, they always sniff first. They would rather starve and starve than eat the grass that was contaminated and trampled by other sheep's feces. Therefore, we must pay attention to the number of herding sheep can not be too much, generally about 30 is appropriate, while the grazing should pay attention to lined up.

Second, do a good job feeding

In order to prevent individual sheep from eating enough food, they can feed the nutrient-rich, well-preferred fine ingredients such as corn and cakes at night to promote long-term food. In particular, pregnant ewe should feed 0.5-1 kilograms per day and nursing ewe should feed 0.5-0.7 kilograms per day and add or subtract as appropriate.

Third, add salt

Each sheep takes 5 to 15 grams of salt each day, and converts it into a 1% solution. Before the sheep are grazing in the morning, they are allowed to drink and the sheep are given drinking water.

Fourth, do a good job in breeding

Autumn ewes have good lye, normal estrus, more ovulation, easy to be affected by fetuses, and are conducive to fetal development. We must do a good job in the mating work of ewes, generally in autumn breeding, spring lambing, and breeding in September and October is appropriate, the next year is 2-3 Lambs are born on a monthly basis. Ewes can quickly eat grass after lambing, which is conducive to the growth and development of lambs.

Fifth, group management

Autumn is the season for matching goats. Rams often chase and ewe ewe, such as male and female grazing, feeding in the same column, and often interfere with sheep’s grazing and rest due to sexual activity, which can easily lead to miscarriage of pregnant ewe. Such phenomena, it is appropriate to grazing male and female ewes.

Sixth, strengthen immunity

Autumn is the peak season for various diseases and epidemics of sheep. It can be planned for immunization against sheep epidemics and tuberculosis to prevent the occurrence of infectious diseases.

Seven, timely deworming

The parasites of the sheep are divided into internal and external parasites. The extermination of endoparasites can use albendazole, which has the advantages of high efficiency, low toxicity, and broad spectrum. It is effective against gastrointestinal tract nematodes, lungworms, liver flukes, and aphids of sheep, and it can also drive off mixed parasites at the same time. , dosage 7mg/kg, the drug is mixed into the feed or dissolved in water, once served, generally can be a medication. Extermination of parasites can be used 0.1-0.2% insecticidal water solution, or 1% solution of trichlorfon and other drugs for the medicated bath, you can also put the sheep in a large basin or large cylinder by one bath.

Eight, do a good job disinfection

The sheep house must be cleaned to keep the sheep house dry and clean. Regularly use 2% sodium hydroxide solution, or 10-15% quicklime solution, or 3% lesuer water solution, etc. to the sheepfold (including utensils), the ground, Feces, sewage, etc. are regularly disinfected to eliminate pathogens in the external environment and prevent the occurrence of epidemics.

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