The structure and characteristics of two types of grape

1 Shelving structure: The shelving is formed on the top of the pillar to form a shed; it is horizontal or inclined, with branches and leaves attached to the shed, and the ear hanging under the shed.
a. The shoots grow in level, which is conducive to flowering and fruiting.
b. The leaves can receive light throughout the day, which is beneficial to photosynthesis.
c. The branches, leaves and fruits are all far away from the ground, which is beneficial to prevent diseases and keep the fruit surface clean and prevent the sun from burning.
d. The use of courtyards, sloping lands to grow.
a. The number of planted plants is small, and it enters high-yielding nights.
b. With more racks and investment.
c. Inconvenient for mechanized management.
2 Stand Structure: The stand is erected along the upright pillar and is in a vertical plane. The branches and leaves are vertically tied on the stand surface, and the ears hang from the branches and leaves.
a. Suitable for dense planting, rapid early yield.
b. The small plant load is conducive to controlling production.
c. The bracket is easy and the frame is less expensive.
d. Easy to manage, easy to mechanize.
a. The top advantage is strong, easy to cause strong and weak.
b. The leaves receive light for a short time. Large amount of light leakage.
c. Near the ground, black ear is susceptible to diseases and the ear is susceptible to soil contamination.
d. Burning is more serious.

                                                                   Medical Compressed Air Plant

The medical compressed air plant consists of the air compressor, general  filter, aftercooler, precision filter, desiccant air dryer, air buffer tank, activated carbon filter, compressed air quality monitor, decompressor, valve, pipeline and terminal. The system generates compressed air through an air compressor, removes the impurities, oil mist and moisture in the compressed air through an adsorption dryer filter unit, delivers the air to the air storage tank and supplies it through a pipeline to the terminal equipment in the operating room, ICU and other inpatient wards after decompression.

Compressed Air Drawing

Medical Compressed Air Plant

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