The use of multi-function cookie cake dual purpose machine

The use of multi-function cookie cake dual purpose machine

This machine is multi-purpose, replaces the machine head and mold, can produce cookies and fill all kinds of cakes, puffs, macarons and other products.

Through the servo motor and computer PLC control, the product gram count is more accurate, and the product gram number can be adjusted at will. The slurry is rolled by a roller, and the cake can be effectively defoamed when the cake is made, without damaging the internal structure of the cake, so that the cake tastes better. There are two kinds of cookies for squeezing and wire cutting. The flower nozzle and mold can be changed quickly.

Because the slurry concentration of the cake slurry and the cookie is different, the structure of the head and the roller is different, so it is necessary to replace the different heads and molds to achieve the multi-purpose effect of one machine.

The cake can be filled with cakes and filled with all kinds of cup cakes. The size and the number of grams can be adjusted freely. Applicable to small and medium-sized food manufacturers and stores are now sold.

Vertical Magnetic Drill through which the main use of bit, also is the model we used to say, it carries the biggest drilling core drill bit, is that the magnetic drill model

A simple introduction Magnetic block drilling and tapping, CVT, torque protection and can make use of magnetic adsorption force, drilling operations from different angles. Used with core bit, the effect is better; Also solve the problem of the pipe to clean waste residue, overlapping drilling can also obtain satisfactory effect of the steel plate, the stainless steel pipe and a certain thickness of stainless steel drilling problem can be solved

Have different USES of magnetic drill, is through the link different bit to realize different functions, magnetic drill bit link types are: 1, auger bit, 2, core bit 3, countersunk head drill 4, tapping machine, 5, tapping machine 6, broaching machine

Each type magnetic drill bit 1, the horizontal magnetic drill 2, vertical magnetic drill Due to magnetic drill in order to adapt to the wild and aerial work, convenient to carry, the most important characteristic is lightweight, so horizontal magnetic drill with much customers, the customers to buy the most or vertical magnetic drill, vertical magnetic drill average of 10 kg, with a handle, a user only by the handle, file a can into the wild or aerial work, is very convenient, that is why it is called a portable magnetic drill. Because the horizontal magnetic drill with very little, so generally speaking of magnetic drill, is refers to the vertical magnetic drill, i.e. vertical magnetic drill magnetic drill for short.

Magnetic Drill

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