Tractor summer job four note

Summer is the season when tractors work frequently and is the peak period of various accidents. Therefore, the following four points should be paid attention to in summer tractor operation:

1. Selecting the right lubricating oil In the summer, the tractor's lubricating oil, the northern region generally can choose to use No. 11 diesel engine oil, in order to ensure that the lubricating oil has enough viscosity to reduce the wear of the parts.

2. Timely change the location of the lubricant radiator reversing valve When the tractor enters the summer operation, the lubricant radiator reversing valve should be turned to the position where the oil passes through the oil passage of the radiator so that the lubricant can dissipate heat to maintain the lubrication. The normal temperature of the oil will not overheat.

3. Often add soft water to the water tank due to the warming up of the locomotive in summer, the water tank is easy to "open the pot water evaporation, the water tank is more likely to generate scale, it is necessary to often add cold soft water to the tank. Each time you add cold water to the tank, you should use low The small throttle is running for a period of time. After the water temperature drops, it can be added immediately. It cannot be added immediately when “opening the pot” to prevent sudden heat and sudden heat, and the engine has stress concentration and burst.

4. To avoid prolonged continuous operation If you need long-term continuous operation, you should stop once every other period, check the tire temperature and water temperature, oil temperature and other temperatures, if the temperature is too high, should wait for the temperature drop, and then continue to work .

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