Use traditional Chinese medicine as a pillar industry in rural economy

Business Club May 30th News May 30th, the author learned from the Dingxi City Health Bureau in Gansu Province that since the beginning of this year, Tongyu County has taken the development of Chinese medicine industry as a pillar industry to adjust the structure of the agricultural industry, increase farmers’ income, and develop the rural economy. In order to grasp, a lot of work has been done on the construction of planting bases, processing and sales, and enhancement of benefits, and the Chinese medicine industry has shown a new situation of rapid development.

In order to rationally develop and use abundant resources of traditional Chinese medicinal materials, the county transforms resource advantages into economic advantages, continuously improves pre-production, mid-production and post-natal services, and strives to cultivate leading enterprises and intermediary service organizations, and actively guides drug farmers in adjusting planting varieties and layouts. Popularization of high-quality, high-efficiency and standardized cultivation techniques has initially formed a diversified planting pattern with licorice, Dangshen, Bupleurum, and Banlangen as the main planting species, and red (yellow) plants, windproof plants, balloonflowers, astragalus, lilies and other varieties. At present, there are 2 Chinese herbal medicine processing companies, 3 Chinese herbal medicine processing and purchasing associations, and 1 medicinal planting professional cooperatives in the county.

It is understood that there are 236 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines in Tongyu County, with a wild reserve of about 800,000 kilograms, and 36 wild species such as licorice, Bupleurum, Campanulaceae, and windbreaks. They enjoy a high reputation in the domestic and foreign markets due to their superior quality.

Last year, a total of 33,000 mu of Chinese medicinal plants were planted in the county, with a total output of 8,030 tons, and a total output value of 68.78 million yuan. The per capita net income of the medicinal production areas was 119 yuan. At present, 591,000 yuan of funds have been consolidated to transfer 61.3 tons of medicinal seedlings, and 35,000 mu of Chinese medicinal plants have been planted. Among them, 3 acres of townships in Bangluo, Shichuan and Jichuan have been built. One.

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