What are the benefits of eating eggplant in autumn

With the beginning of autumn, the weather has become cooler and more dry, and many people have started to get angry. Experts say that it is best to eat eggplant during the autumn to get angry. Because eggplant is cool and sweet, there are functions such as heat-quenching, swelling and pain relief, hurricanes and meridians, and wide intestinal qi. So eat some eggplant in this season. Can drop "fire gas", except Qiuzao.

Eggplant is not only a cheap and popular vegetable, but also a kind of dietetic product. In addition to rich in vitamins and trace elements, there is one thing that is different from other vegetables is that it is rich in vitamin P. Vitamin P is a flavonoid that helps maintain normal cardiovascular function. Therefore, eggplant is very beneficial to patients with arteriosclerosis, hypertension, coronary heart disease and scurvy. In addition, foreign research results show that eggplant or vegetables in the "anti-cancer strong hand", which contains solanine components can inhibit the proliferation of digestive system tumors, have a certain effect on the prevention and treatment of gastric cancer.

The most common ones we have on the market are long eggplants and round eggplants. What are the differences between them? Experts said that the long eggplant and round eggplant are not much different in nutrition, but only slightly different in taste. Long eggplant skin is richer in water content and thinner fibers, so its texture is soft. The round eggplant skin has less moisture, coarse fibers, and relatively hard texture. Therefore, when cooking, round eggplant is mostly fried and stewed, and long eggplant is better.

There are many practices for eggplant. Cooking with frying and cooking can be delicious, but you need to choose a healthy way to eat. When many people make eggplant, they like to fry or “oil” the eggplant. Although it is delicious, high temperatures can cause serious loss of nutrients in the eggplant. The health effects of the eggplant are greatly reduced, and intake of high-calorie, high-fat oils is also high. Detrimental to the body. Therefore, in all of the eggplant's eating, the cold tomato sauce is the healthiest.

First of all, the mixed eggplant mud has the shortest heating time and can be steamed only in large fires, so the nutrient loss is the lowest. Secondly, mix the eggplant puree with the least amount of oil. Steam the eggplant and pound it into a puree. Simply dip some sauce. Finally, the nutrient absorption of the mixed eggplant mud is the most complete because it does not require peeling and the eggplant skin contains a large amount of biologically active substances. Mixed eggplant sauce is best used with olive oil, sesame paste, garlic and a little salt. It should be noted that eggplant is a kind of cool food. If you have a recent stomach upset, you should eat less, otherwise it will increase the burden on your stomach.

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