What are the types of industrial chillers? What's the difference?

Industrial chillers are divided into water-cooled industrial chillers and air-cooled industrial chillers. The difference between them is mainly due to the difference in condensers. The condenser of the water-cooled chiller mainly removes heat by circulating cooling water, so the condenser of the water-cooled chiller is also commonly called a water cannon.

Unlike water-cooled, air-cooled industrial chillers use fans as heat sinks. Usually, a fin-type condenser is used. The fins are actually aluminum sheets. The parts that need heat exchange are externally mounted with aluminum sheets to achieve efficient heat dissipation, and then the hot air is extracted by a powerful fan.

Therefore, when the temperature of the workshop is high, the air-cooled chiller will be affected by itself (the high temperature of the condenser will directly cause the high-pressure alarm of the industrial chiller, and the cooling capacity will decrease), which will have a direct impact on the temperature of the workshop. The advantages of a water-cooled chiller are obvious.

The water-cooled industrial chiller needs cooling water tower circulating cooling water to cool down. Therefore, it is more complicated to use a water-cooled chiller to install a cooling water tower, a cooling water circulating water pump and a pipeline. Compared with air-cooled industrial chillers, it is easy to move and dwarf. But in most cases the factory is already equipped with a cooling water circulation system.

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