Working principle and design process of chopping machine

The speed of the mixing machine, the speed of the pot, the gap between the boring tool and the rotating pot are optimally combined, so that the fineness of the cut product is good, the temperature is small, and the mixing time is short, especially due to the emulsification treatment, so that the fine density of the sausage product The elasticity is greatly enhanced, and the emulsification effect, elasticity and fineness of the meat product are maximized.

The chopper is the key equipment for the production of meat products, especially the necessary equipment for the production of Western-style ham. This machine can not only cut the main ingredients such as meat, minced meat and fat into meat emulsion, but also stir the main material and auxiliary materials into a uniform emulsion, so that the cutting, stirring and emulsification are completed once, so that the fine density of the sausage products can be made. And the elasticity is enhanced to improve the product yield and product quality. The device is also suitable for the crushing of fish, fruits and vegetables. The product uses a waterproof computer controller for safe and reliable use. The crucible and outer packaging are all made of high quality stainless steel, which is corrosion resistant and easy to clean, and fully meets food hygiene requirements.

The chopping machine consists of a crucible, a cutter shaft, a frame and an electric control system. The crucible is rotated by the motor through the reducer at a low speed, and continuously feeds the knife group. The cutter shaft is rotated by a two-speed motor (or variable frequency motor) via a belt. While the raw material is spirally moved in the crucible, it is stirred and chopped by the knife group to remove the air in the meat emulsion. Due to the high-speed cutting of the cutter, the liquid juice separation rate of the product is reduced, the emulsification effect is ensured, and the product is enhanced. Flexibility and finesse.

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