Xinjiang Drug Information Inquiry System Enables Mobile Terminals to Discriminate Authenticity

"Now we have found suspicious drugs in law enforcement, as long as the drug inspection and law enforcement information mobile inquiry system can immediately identify the authenticity of drugs." September 7, Urumqi Shaqu Food and Drug Administration Supervision and Inspection Department, said Gu Chuanjun.

At present, a new set of mobile inquiry system for drug inspection law enforcement information has been put into use in the pharmaceutical supervision department of our district.

The reporter saw the staff of the Food and Drug Administration of the autonomous region holding a mobile phone terminal in their hands. If any drug is found to be suspicious during the law enforcement inspection, the system can be opened. After supervising and inspecting the network, a link can be made with the SFDA website and the data query system of the State Bureau can be entered. After entering information such as drug approval number and drug name, If it is not registered, it can be concluded as a counterfeit medicine. Law enforcement officers can edit the text message to be released and can be seen by the national drug regulatory officers.

"This 'mobile phone' can be photographed on-site to collect evidence. In addition, it has 9 functions such as case handling and sampling inspection, which greatly improves the efficiency of law enforcement," said Gu Chuanjun.

It is understood that 18 districts and cities in the city drug supervision law enforcement agencies equipped with 377 mobile phone terminals.

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