Yoghurt market contending business popular hit concept card

China's dairy industry is undergoing a historic transformation. On the one hand, several giants such as Mengniu, Yili and Guangming have monopolized the separatist market, and the continuous mergers and acquisitions of SMEs have led to the launch of the dairy mergers and acquisitions. On the other hand, dairy food safety incidents have occurred repeatedly. It is undoubtedly worse for a market where national confidence has been insufficient. In addition, the market competition in the dairy products industry has become increasingly fierce, and foreign milk powder has long dominated the pricing right of middle and high-end markets. Many domestic dairy companies have begun to take the high-end international route in an attempt to break the pattern. In the dairy industry segment, manufacturers pay attention to the development and promotion of new products. In the yoghurt market, merchants have begun to play a concept card.

Sanyuan borrows culture from old Beijing yogurt

Yogurt was accompanied by the growth of several generations of the imperial city. Old yoghurt, candied haws and Nanluoguxiang are synonymous with “old Beijing”. Drinking yoghurt has become a way of recollecting “old Beijing” history and culture. The atmosphere of Beijing also made many people with a Beijing plot happy. Sanyuan introduced porcelain vase yoghurt through the cultural opportunity of “Old Beijing”. Many consumers who tasted three-year-old Beijing yoghurt expressed that old Beijing yoghurt has a very authentic Beijing flavor. Now it is popular with vintage style. Drinking old yoghurt not only allows me to find a good memory of childhood, but also feels very fashionable. In an online survey, Sanyuan won the title of “2010 Most Favorite Old Yogurt” with “Authentic Beijing Weier”.

It is not unreasonable to learn that Sanyuan’s Beijing yoghurt is made from high-quality fresh milk. The nutritional indicators and health indicators of fresh milk can reach the level that the country's pastures can have, and without adding any additives, the yogurt taste is created. Delicate, high quality and thick texture.

Bright pushes at room temperature yogurt subversive products turned out

Bright Dairy is currently the largest dairy company in the East China market. Fresh milk accounts for 80% of the market share of fresh milk in Shanghai. On December 1st, Bright Dairy announced the launch of a subversive room temperature yogurt in Beijing. Mosilian yogurt was officially launched nationwide. This is also the first time that Bright has introduced the yogurt concept at room temperature. According to reports, Mosilian yoghurt is the main product of Bright Dairy in 2010. Mosleyan originated from “yogurt hometown” known as drinking yoghurt for longevity. Mossian, Longevity Village, Bulgaria, Bright Dairy brewed local yoghurt The L99 probiotic strains are brought back to China to produce bright Mosilian yogurt. Its listing subverted the storage mode of traditional yogurt, filling the domestic room temperature yogurt blank.

Guo Benheng, president of Bright Dairy, stated that the Tetra Pak used in Mosilian yogurt 190g is the first time in the world to use Yogurt products on Tetra Pak's diamond packaging. “Using the highest quality ecological milk source, using the unique L99 Probiotics Fermentation is expected to produce Mosilian yogurt in the future will generate 1 billion yuan in sales, we are confident that Mosilian yogurt will be the leading brand to lead the domestic high-end yogurt."

Qinghai Xiaoxi cattle out of new products form a unique sense of taste winning

The old yoghurt producer Qinghai Xiaoxi was praised by the industry as an outstanding dark horse. The launch of a new kind of bean curd, which looks like a soft bean curd, requires a spoonful of old yoghurt to be eaten in the domestic dairy market. It is reported that Qinghai old yoghurt has a long history and can be traced back to the ancient Tang Dynasty in China. As a culture, it has a long history in the history of national diet in Qinghai. In 2008, the Qinghai Xiaoxiu Company successfully implemented the industrialized production of traditional yoghurt. In order to highlight local characteristics, the blue-and-white-based blue-and-white porcelain outer packaging was specially designed. Since the products were on the market, sales have been very popular.

The unique form and eating method of Xiaoxiu Yogurt provide consumers with different taste perceptions and experiences. Although it is a solidified yogurt, its shape is like a soft bean curd, which is scooped out with a small spoon. This kind of semi-chewing edible yoghurt method makes consumers feel very novel. From its nutritional point of view, 2.3% of the protein content is qualitative that it still belongs to yogurt, and it is formulated type (pure milk coagulation fermentation, protein content should be 2.9% or more). However, its product form is close to that of cheese. This indicator of yogurt is similar to the shape of cheese to achieve maximum differentiation of products.


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